Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Thoughts

I'm a little stressed... busy busy at work with grad, crazy marking coming in, need a vacation big time! So, let's think happy thoughts, and what could be happier than new fabric?

Look at that gorgeous aqua fabric! And the other fun goodies! How about a close-up?

Love those fat quarters.

And how cute are these "Sweet Sixteenths"? Ahhhh...

More happy things:

Mother's Day roses (they kind of make up for having to cancel supper out because I was sick).

And a portable hard-drive for my computer so I can back up my files (just in case Lucille goes on the blink again - fingers crossed she doesn't!)

Plus, the OnlyChild and I made her headpiece the other night. She was quite particular about what she wanted, and I wasn't able to accommodate exactly. Luckily we were able to compromise and she's very happy with the result. I can't wait to see her wear it with her beautiful grad dress Friday night.

Not a great picture of it. I hope I get better ones with the OnlyChild actually wearing it. But I'm not making any promises - you know how it works with photos of special occasions in my family.

So... Happy Thoughts to get me through the next couple of very busy days.


a good yarn said...

You have some lovely fabrics there and the roses are stunning. Peacock feathers are so dramatic! Ann :-)

PunkiePie said...

Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! That aqua fabric... swoon! Love it! And the headpiece. We need to see that one on!

Barb said...

Wonderful happy thoughts....totally love your fabircs...


Very pretty fabric...what are you going to make!
Sweet headpiece.
I've finished my ATC card and will mail it tomorrow.
Take a DEEP all works out!
Deb :)

Pat said...

That headpiece is beautiful....PLEASE get photos of it on her. (No excuses!!! LOL)

goldenbird said...

That fabric is so pretty, and so are the roses. I hope you get a picture of the OnlyChild in her headpiece!