Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show Off and Tell

I won a giveaway over at My Patchwork Life and lovely Erin sent me these beautiful gifts, picked up as she jetted around South America a couple of weeks ago. Look at that little gecko - have you ever seen anything that cute? Thanks, Erin. I  the goodies!

And, my order arrived from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I love them so much that the $11.00 shipping fee was (almost) worth it. Grrr... postage is so expensive!

And look! I finally spent some time in my sewing room and whipped up these Halloween pillowcases for the OnlyChild. And you doubted I'd get them finished in time... ha!

I have to admit, I really really wanted to make them in Ghastlies fabric, but there was none to be found. Oh what I wouldn't do to have me some of that. Oh well...this is also an Alexander Henry print - it's called Boo Kitty. The OnlyChild thought it was great. I hope she puts the pillowcases on her bed right away!

And speaking of bed... that sounds really good. 'Night all.


Pat said...

Congrats on your win and your new fabrics, too. I'm glad you got the pillowcases finished for your daughter.

andsewon said...

Yes super cool goodies indeed!!! Postage is going up here in US again!
Cute cases!!I saw this link in my Superior Threads newsletter.
See if you can find your fabby.
Good luck,

PunkiePie said...

Love all your goodies and HOORAY to you for getting the pillowcases done. I too wish I snapped up some of the Ghastlies fabrics too. :(

Vesuviusmama said...

Glad you got your goodies! I need to get on board with the owl fabrics - there are so many cute ones out there right now. And the pillowcases are great!

goldenbird said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway! Love those pillow cases, they are very cute. Have a great weekend, Rachel.