Monday, July 16, 2012

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Rachel who?

It's no wonder you've forgotten who I am; I've been gone sooooo long. It was completely unintentional.

There was some crazy busyness at work. Followed by some crazy awfulness at work (which I won't go into detail about because I'm sure it will fix itself somehow and if it doesn't, well, I have an escape plan).

The crazy busyness and crazy awfulness left me with little time to do anything creative so I really didn't have much to share with you in the way of quilts or sewing. Sad. I've made exactly two things since February.

First of all, I finished the Ugly Swoon Block and made a table topper out of it. Of course, I completely forgot to take a photo of the finished product before I mailed it off to my mum for (late) Mother's Day. Duh.

And I made a quilt. This is actually my only quilt finish of 2012 and it's a little one. I used the same pattern as for this quilt and chose a Pom Pom de Paris charm pack.

It's kind of a special little quilt. A friend from high school and his wife have 4 children; the youngest is two years old and she was recently diagnosed with cancer (neuroblastoma). Oh, it's such a sad story. I can't even imagine what the family is going through. It sounds like she's going to be okay...but she's so little and she doesn't understand what's happening to her. I sent her this little quilt just for snuggling when she's not feeling well or needs to lie down. I hope she likes it.

So, those are my grand finishes. Not very impressive, eh?  

Swoon is still in pieces on the spare room bed; no progress has been made at all. I think I have a plan, though. That's a start.

I have fabric for a dress. I have fabric to make the OnlyChild a Ghastlies quilt (yep, had that for a while). I haven't finished last summer's Bow Tie quilt or the Christmas String quilt I have been fiddling with off and on. 

Oh, I made a belly dance skirt. It took me an hour at most.

I was in three dance shows - one in April and two in June.

What else? The OnlyChild moved back home after her first year of university. She's decided to go to school here (which should save us a bundle). She's got a great summer job working for a tour company, but it requires me driving her there and back - a 1/2 hour journey each way every morning and afternoon, which means two hours of driving for me. So, that's my summer eaten up. I don't really mind; it's nice to have her home. We celebrated my last day of school by going out to lunch:

I had a beet and goat cheese sandwich with quinoa salad. It was goooood!

I haven't done much so far this summer. We had some very hot weather last week so the OnlyChild and I spent a bit of time in the evenings in our pool. Our inflatable pool. Not kidding. It's big but not very deep and it feels wonderful on a hot day!

This past weekend my in-laws were in town so I escaped the city (long story - no love lost between us). I went to visit my friend Kim. We slept in every morning, drank our coffee with liqueur, consumed piƱa coladas all afternoon, and played hardcore Scrabble. It was lovely.

Kim headed back east today so I took the bus home from the airport where she caught her flight. Now I'm home with a week to kill before I go back east to attend my high school reunion. Twenty-five years! Can you believe it? Me neither. I guess I'll have something to blog about after that (and pictures to show too, I hope).

Okay, so we're all caught up.

I missed you!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Hooray!!!!! Nice to hear from you after all these months. Don't stay away for so long again. Sounds like the last few months have been super nutty for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Lynne said...

Hey, it's great to see you in print again. Exciting news about OnlyChild moving home again; not such good news on the job situation. 25 years eh? Mine will be 40 years in 2014 - I can hardly believe it!

andsewon said...

Sometimes life just gets it good or bad! I have missed you!

Anonymous said...

LoL! All caught up... you are making me smile. My 30th reunion was just last week. I didn't go. But it has me freaking out about how fast the years have gone by.

Hope you are enjoying the summer!

Thimbleanna said...

WOOHOO!!!! It's so nice to see you back -- you've been MISSED!!! Thank goodness for Pinterest so we knew you were still kicking -- although, you even were missing there for a big. Sheesh -- you must have a real life LOL. Have fun at your reunion -- you wouldn't catch me dead at mine LOL!

Vesuviusmama said...

Yay! You're back!