Sunday, February 01, 2009

I name inanimate objects

The OnlyChild and I have an odd habit, one that Mr. P just doesn't get. We name inanimate objects. Anything that means something to us gets a name, and is henceforth referred to by that name.

My computer is Lucille; she is a fiery redhead, like Lucille Ball.

The vacuum cleaner is Cherry (as in Cherry Valance from The Outsiders - my daughter was reading that novel when we got the vacuum).

This is my new car, Bettie. As you can see, we've had some strange weather lately - freeze, thaw, freeze - resulting in a very messy vehicle. The old car was named Suzy. Poor Suzy; I sure hope her new owners will love her as much as I did. We named Mr. P's truck Xavier, but he will never call it that.

Carlos is my camera. I think he's the only object of mine to have a masculine name.

The fridge is Bianca Nevada (Snow White). Yes, we have magnetic poetry and most of the so-called poems people compose end up being... ummm... irreverant.

The stove is Callie (short for Caliente).

The dishwasher is Wanda. Her name came about in an odd way. Silly me - I call things by weird names and the dishwasher is often referred to as the "fishsquasher" in our house. Remember that old movie, A Fish Called Wanda? Well, we started calling the dishwasher a "Fishsquasher called Wanda." Hmmm... strange family...?

My phone is Ruby Tuesday.

And finally, one of my most prized possessions, my sewing machine Bernice. We are very close.

Bernice and I haven't spent very much time together this weekend. I went to a scrapbooking day with some friends yesterday instead of sewing. I don't scrapbook much (Mr. P. once referred to it as an old-lady hobby and I took great offense to that), but I'd like to finish the OnlyChild's baby book - she is sixteen, after all.

Plus, we went on a great (but too short) trip to New York last summer, so I'm doing a little book up to commemorate that wonderful adventure. And I am heading to France and Italy for spring break, so I will definitely create another book to showcase those memories. It looks like I will have more scrapbooking in my future whether I want to or not. When I got home tonight, I had the "bug" so I made a couple of cards. They're quick and easy to do and who doesn't love a handmade card?
Today, I'm either going to finish embellishing the pages I did yesterday or put all the stuff away and do some sewing. (My sewing room is so small that I can only do one project at a time.) I'd like to make another Pink Penguin basket. I made one for Mum for her Christmas stocking presents and I think I'll do one for the OnlyChild for Valentine's Day. Wouldn't one of those baskets be cute in pink, red, and white stuffed with little heart-themed gifts? She'll love it, but the snoopy little thing already found the chocolate lips I bought to put in it. She's not getting them until February 14, though.

Since I'm feeling ambitious, I think I'll also make some of these for my students: (click on the picture to go to the instructions)

This post that I started with no idea what I would write about has gotten quite long. Time to let you go, my friends. I'm sure you have lives to live and quilts to make. But before I go, I will point you in the direction of Christine, who is having a lovely giveaway on her blog. Take a look; you will be glad you did!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this......thanks for sharing. However, I have to admit....I don't do this. I don't name things. Maybe I should, haha. Thanks again, it was funny.

Pat said...

A friend of mine names a lot of inanimate objects, but you have her beat!!! LOL

Thimbleanna said...

France and Italy??? Oh Wow! Full report at 10 LOL! Can't wait to hear about it. I love to name things too -- your Bernice is my Hester!(I debated about Vivian (Viking) but went with Hester (Husqvarna) since I love The Scarlet Letter so much.) And who doesn't love irreverant messages! Good for you guys!

Stacy said...

I really got a kick out of your post and the naming of inanimate objects! I like Cherry Valance best-- The Outsiders was one of my favorite books as a teen-ager. Ruby Tuesday and the Fishsquasher called Wanda are great, too.