Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sunday morning. It's Mr. P's birthday today.

I'm working up the courage to quilt my Green and White.

I will start with stitch-in-the-ditch and then do some free-motion quilting in the blocks. That's the plan right now - all plans are subject to change without notice.

Barb mentioned this blog on Facebook so I went over to take a look. It's worth the time to browse - really! It's helping with the courage thing - in more ways than one.

Last night I finished the Snowman in the Woods top!

Am I allowed to say that I think mine is nicer than the one in the pattern?

I like my one red mitten.

I am going to pin-baste it at school tomorrow. I have the backing and batting all ready to go!

This morning we had the most beautiful sunrise. I had to share it with you. Such gorgeous colours in the sky.

And, I'm pretty sure all my ATC swap group members have received their card from me this month so I'll show that to you too. The theme was White on White. With all the crazy snow we've been having lately, what better interpretation of the theme than a snowflake? And, of course, I prefer fabric to paper.

I loved making this one. It was such a great theme chosen by Deb.

So...that's my Sunday so far. How is yours going? What are you working on today?


Sara said...

My Sunday is going okay - am going to unpack a few boxes...

Love the way your green quilt came out - and the snowman quilt is really pretty - Congrats on getting it done...

Happy Birthday to Mr. P

Barb said...

Your snowmen look awesome...and good for you...quilt that will be so glad you did....

Rachel Slote-Brown said...

Your snowmen quilt looks great. Love the mitten.

Happy birthday to Mr.P. It is also my son's 5th birthday today.

Stacy said...

I did receive your ATC and absolutely love it! (Sorry, I meant to drop you a note to let you know it arrived.) I'd like a whole white-on-white quilt like that, please!

Congrats on finishing the snowmen-- I love the one red mitten, too.

Beautiful sunrise. And a happy birthday to Mr. P!


Your snowman quilt is so sweet and I did receive the AWESOME ATC yesterday and LOVE IT!!!
Thank you, Rachel!
Happy Birthday to your hubby and that is a great photo!

Dogwood said...

As I said in my email, "I love you ATC for this month." Well done.

You are so talented with you quilts!

Have a good week at work.

Hugs, Cory

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Happy belated, Mr. P! Your snowmen are too cute!