Thursday, July 08, 2010

Free WiFi!

Here I am again... We are now in Montecatini, just outside of Florence. It's a nice little town. Much nicer than Jesolo, in my opinion.

We spent the day in Florence and will go back there tomorrow afternoon, following our excursion to Pisa. Shopping is GOOD in Florence!

The kids are doing well, and behaving for the most part. (did I say the same thing yesterday?) We were combined with two smaller groups of high school students and it seems our poor little junior high kids are being blamed for all noise and rule infractions. We are a much larger group and the maturity level of junior high students is light years away from those who are three years or more older. I don't think the tour guide likes us very much - but I don't care. The guide we had on our trip last year was so much nicer and better with the students. Plus the chaperones from the other groups keep trying to add optional side trips to our itinerary but our kids don't have extra money to do these things because we didn't agree to them. I would NEVER use this tour company if I were planning a trip. They are very well known across Canada and the US for school trips, but I do not like the way they conduct their business. complaining, right? We're having fun - and cooking in the process. Boy, it's been hot here.

And, no, it's not just those Italian men...

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Theodora said...

Well, my post will be much better than the Japanese porn link!

It's weird that they have you with other groups. Don'tcha just hate people!

I liked that shopping note..... I'm hoping that means you were successful, we know how I feel about gifts from far away lands.