Monday, June 29, 2009

Awwww... do I HAVE to...?

Sometimes I just dread these Loser Monday posts. I'd like to skip Mondays, but I'm not really the rebellious type. So, here goes...

I've already gained back a couple of the lbs I lost with the detox. There. You happy now? I'm so not a loser. But what do you expect when I spent the last five days sitting on my arse, marking exams?

Let's have a chuckle and all feel better about it.

Summer's here (so says the calendar). I have no beach to go to this year. I can laze around in my Lululemon pants every day if I please. Nobody but me cares that I am 15 lbs overweight.

So there. So there. So there.

I've finished with diploma exam marking. We were done a bit early today, so I was home by 2:30 pm. It was lovely. I walked from the train station through my gorgeous, older neighbourhood admiring all the well-kept houses, leafy trees, and pretty flowers. I met the cutest little dog (a boxer, I think) and got some puppy love from her. All in all, the walk was very pleasant. I have one more day of school left ~ a 'farewell' to people who are moving on and a barbeque that I'd just as soon miss (hotdogs yuck!). Then I'm gonna kick back and relax. I'll sew (two dresses to make) and decorate my scarf from Kellie's 'Design Gives Back' project. I'll read good books (and maybe a couple of bad ones hehe). I'll take care of my little garden. I'll go for bike rides. I'll walk the dogs.
Then I'll get bored and have to find something new to do. But there's always something new to do, isn't there?
Did you enter my giveaway yet? The chances of you winning are pretty good, since there aren't too many entries. Hop over to this post and sign up. I'm drawing tomorrow afternoon, when I get home from work (which I truly hope will be earlier rather than later in the day).


Karen said...

Cute post! I just finished eating a bowl of grapes. A nice healthy snack. It makes me feel thinner. But, now I would like a bowl of chips!

Thimbleanna said...

I think you might almost be the only person left who's posting the Monday weigh-in. I think you should ask permission from the General herself to quit posting LOL!

Unknown said...

I think if I was only 15 lbs overweight I'd be the happiest girl alive. I think you are just fine. Don't get down on yourself. Have a Smirnoff on me, my treat. lol

Cheryl said...

I agree that if I only had 15lbs to worry about I would be happy too. I remember taking a lovely walk through your neighborhood and it was very relaxing. I have a good book to recommend for you.....its called "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hays. Really nice book and all about how you can turn everything into positive thinking. I suggest buying it instead of borrowing its so beautiful book.

Barb said... least you kept some of the detox off and you are trying....keep at it.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You're doing great! And you have full summer schedule ahead of you. Enjoy it!

BTW - you won my little giveaway! I need your address so that I can send your goodies to you.