Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Cares?

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How did it get to be Thursday already? This week has just flown by, but it hasn't been without its trials.

I've had to adopt a new philosophy: Who Cares? (And, of course, the answer is Not Me!)

An annoying kid at school told me yesterday that it is my job to sit down with him and teach him all the stuff he missed in my seminars when he wasn't at school. And he said I should meet with him and his mother in the evenings to prepare him for his Diploma Exam. What? You're kidding, right? Nope, he wasn't kidding.

But who cares? After the feeling that I wanted to rip out my hair (or his) subsided, I really had to laugh at how ludicrous that was.

Then there's this:

The Put-Me-to-Sleep textbook I have to read for my master's course. Zzzzz. The questions we have to answer and posts we have to write are interesting, though. And this course will actually be finished in about 2 weeks, so that's nice. (I wish the professor would give us some more information about our final project so I can get started on procrastinating about that.)

Then there's that ever-growing pile of marking:

Just kidding - that's the picture of my Christmas marking pile. The present pile is not quite as tall, but it might be soon, since the final deadline for all work in my grade 12 class is June 7, and some of the students have a lot left to do in the course. Oh, the glory of self-directed learning. It would work so much better if more students actually had some self-direction.

But who cares... it will all get done... it has to. Right?

And lest you think this is a whiny, feel sorry for me post, I want you to know that I'm just exploring options and looking for a way to prevent myself from going crazy in the next month until school is over and I can fly far away across the ocean and leave this all behind...


Dogwood said...

You have a good attitude. Really...who cares! I can not believe that student asking you to do...what!~!!!

Laugh and have fun and remind yourself that "who really cares."

Smile and enjoy your weekend...

Soon school will be out! Yipee.

Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Pat said...

That student sure has one heck of a nerve thinking you should do that for him when he, obviously, hasn't done much (if anything) all year long! As for your textbook, I can't even read it from the picture but it still looks VERY boring to me. I hope the prof lets you know about the project soon. I mean....if there are only 2 weeks left, what is he WAITING for??? (Sorry for my poor grammar at the way I ended that sentence!!!)

Patty said...

Although I should be surprised about your student's request, I'm not. I'm sure his parents also feel the same way as well. Like I've been saying only 10.5 days left for me. Breathe, it will all be over soon and they off to gay Paris for you.

Unknown said...

woohoo, school is about out for you. E's last day was today. Are you jealous yet?

Pokey said...

You are NOT whiny, I'm in the same boat, it has to get done, and that's it. Keep rowing, we'll get through this! I'm not flying off to Paris, later, though....
Oh, and can you believe the nerve of your student! Some people's kids!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

LOL!! You are too funny. And by the way I CARE!!!! yes I do!!! But you already know I do right??
That is quite the stack of marking. Christmas or not. I guess I had it easy doing preschool huh? Remind me to not go any higher in the education department. I don't like marking.
And that kid........that's unreal that he told you that. Can you imagine if we would have told our parents that we said that to our teacher?? My mom would have pulled MY hair out. lolol
Hang in there.

Julia said...

The best way to look at all of this is that it WILL get done and it will be Over soon! I sure hope this kid thought that he would have to PAY you to do all of this EXTRA stuff for him!!! What a nervy guy!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Who cares! Enjoy the weekend!! :) It will all be there on Monday.

Stacy said...

At least you have something wonderful to look forward to! That student has a lot of nerve ... thank goodness you were able to laugh about it. "Who cares?" sounds perfect, and if you get tired of it and want to shake things up a bit you could go with "So what?"