Monday, January 12, 2009

Losing It!

I'm losing it! The weight, that is. I'm on the wagon with the rest of the crew at Sharon's Diet Challenge 2009. I think I'm doing okay. On Boxing Day, I brilliantly decided to start a "herbal de-tox" program. I felt I'd overindulged a tad too much in the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. This program was brutal. Twelve days without sugar, dairy products, wheat, yeast, tropical fruit, peanut butter, tea, coffee, yada yada yada. And the nasty little herbal supplements. Ugh! They tasted simply awful. But I persevered and lasted to the twelfth day and lost 5 lbs doing it. Really! That's what happens when you munch on green beans and snack on cashews for 12 days.
BUT... after my sentence was up, I spent a day eating whatever I wanted, against the advice of the "program" which suggested re-introducing foods gradually. Oh no, I ate chocolate and bread and cheese and... well, you get the idea. Boy, did my body rebel. A word of caution, folks: follow instructions. I was sick for two days after.

Yes, I learned my lesson. I have embarked on a more moderate eating plan, based on the Weight Watchers program. I used to be a WW leader and have always found that program to be sensible and doable (if I stay on track, that is). Yes, I am back on the wagon. This is the wagon I have chosen to ride in.

This is why I need a wagon in the first place. (Oh, yes, I am posting a before picture. Are you happy now, Sharon?) It is just a picture of the "body" because, you see, I am very vain. It is truly an awful picture of me and I think it shows exactly why I'm participating in the challenge! Any time I even think of falling off that wagon, I will remember that I posted this picture for all to see and judge and I have a commitment (or I need to be committed hmmm).

The other thing I'm losing is my temper. Bear with me while I vent a little, would you. My 16-year-old daughter is being bullied. Over the internet. And I am just sick about it. People who were supposed to be her friends have been making extremely rude comments about her on Facebook. Not only is it nasty, but I think it is cowardly. Some of these kids are my students, which makes it twice as bad. They are sweet as sugar to me, then treat my daughter like garbage. Not to her face. Oh no, they wouldn't dare. But online, anything goes. I am in a very sticky position here. I can't do anything about it because it might be seen as unprofessional; but I cannot sit idly by while my daughter's heart is breaking. What would you do?

And I'm losing sleep. Sunday nights, I have so much trouble falling asleep. It might be because I sleep for an extra couple of hours on Sunday mornings. It might be the anticipation of another work week. In any case, we're now in the wee hours of Monday morning and I'm WIDE awake. If I wasn't so afraid of making late-night mistakes, I'd turn on the sewing machine and work on a project or two. Zzzzzzzz.


Nancy said...

Good for you starting the new year out right and getting back in the wagaon...
Love the new Bunny Hill BOM. Your's is cute...
Can you talk to parents about the bullies? Maybe print and show them? I haven't had that problem with my 3 kids so don't have any personal experience... maybe the counselor at school where you work can offer some advice?

Pat said...

I think I'd start first with talking to your administrator in your building about the bullying. I think the administrator would be happy you chose not to confront these bullies yourself. Maybe the admin could then talk to the kids and without mentioning names of who TOLD him about the bullying, could let them know they are being watched. Sometimes that's all it takes. AND...also, I believe Facebook (when shown evidence of these things) will suspend accounts of people engaging in such behavior. That might work, too. Good luck and keep us posted.

Kathy said...

I just read Pat's latest blog and she asked her readers to check out your blog. So here I am. If you want to know about me, my blog is

The problem your daughter is having is awful. Kids are so cruel to each other and I'm sure she feels devastated. It sounds like you teach in the same school that she attends. That is complicated in itself. I agree with Nancy, perhaps the school administration can do something. I don't suppose you could get your daughter to pull out of facebook and not read anyone else's either? The world is very different than when my kids were children.

Good luck with your weight watching. I find that if I walk three times a week for an hour each time (several miles) I can eat anything I want and keep my weight stable. However, in the winter my walking companion and I don't get out as much, so it's a constant struggle. I hope you are successful. (My daughter swears by Weight Watchers.)

Needled Mom said...

I, too, came over from Pat's blog.

That bullying is so awful. I hope that you can get to the bottom of all of it. They are cowards.

Good luck with WW. I think that program is the most successful over the long haul.

Anonymous said...

I as well am here because of Pat, what a generous thing for her to do!

About bullying -- the Internet hasn't helped. It's too anonymous, even on Facebook. I posted something related to this (cliquishness) in my comment on Pat's blog that brought me here. School counselors are generally able to help.

At any rate, back to quilt-making/crafting -- Jane, your pillows are fabulous, your snowmen are adorable, and good luck with the master's degree!

Sara said...

First of all, Pat sent me to say hi - and welcome to blogland...

I see you have a baby - a four footed one - and is he a Jack Russell. My sister has two - and my ex and I had a mix JR and Dalmation...(don't even go there!)

I'll be back to visit...

andsewon said...

Hey waving at ya from Pat's blog!!! A lovely basket blaco you did too, love htat basket fab. oh my 12 days detox... don't know if I could do that , you go!!
I hope to lose some myself but just trying to cut back and move more.
I need to do one of the Union Jack pillas for a bud. Is there a pattern anywhere?
Put you in my favs!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great job so far Rachel and love the before photo. Not so bad huh?? lolol
As for your daughter and the bully, you've gotta do something for your daughters sake. Maybe you should talk to someone at the school like all the others have said. How terrible girls can be. Even when they get bigger there still mean!!

Amanda said...

I agree with Sharon; when they get older they're still mean. Maybe if your school administrators could put a stop to this, maybe they won't grow up to be mean people. It's really ashame how people who bully put others down to make themselves feel important.

Good luck with the weight loss, although it doesn't look to me like you need to lose anything. I'm in the diet challenge, too.

My husband worked in Grand Prarie, Alberta, Canada for a few years. I went to visit him a couple of summers ago. It was the hottest summer they ever had! I guess I brought the heat from Kentucky with me!

We got an Alberta clipper here in KY the past few days! I guess you're blowing the cold air our way. I don't blame you!

Barb said...

Where do you get that herbal detox? I clicked on the link and it never would come up. I think that is awesome but I don't think you need to lose weight.