Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday... I miss the weekend already

Loser Monday update:

'Nuff said. Let's move on.

You HAVE to head over to bitty bits and pieces and see what Kim is giving away. Wow! She has some absolutely gorgeous prizes. On second thought. Maybe you shouldn't. If you don't enter, I have a better chance of winning.

I had a productive weekend. I started a few days ago with this:

What is this? It's a bag of fabric, flannel scraps, to be specific. I used to teach sewing (and a host of other subjects) at a junior high. The grade 7 project was pajama pants and the students always gave me their scraps. I had intended to make a denim and flannel rag quilt out of them, but it never happened. When I was looking for a pattern to make a baby quilt for Jane Marie, I dug them out and produced this:

Believe me, there are still lots of flannel scraps left over just in case I ever do decide to make that rag quilt.
I just realized I forgot to make a label for the quilt... and I already washed it. I guess I won't be mailing parcels tomorrow after all.
It's Monday again. Too bad - I was really enjoying the weekend. Lucky for you, though, there are still a couple of days to enter my Birthday Giveaway! Just scroll down and leave a comment on the Giveaway post. Next time I talk to you, I will announce the winner. Oh, and for the record, the car is not part of the giveaway haha. And it wasn't a birthday present either. Mr. P is generous, but not that generous.
Hope your Monday isn't too painful. ☺


PunkiePie said...

Yup. I feel the same way about my "loser" Monday. The comic says it all. Love the baby quilt! So colorful and I'm sure very soft.

Sara said...

I know what you mean about Monday - today is just a mess...

Love the quilt! It is so cute ... is that white flannel that you used to make the squares?

Pat said...

OOOO...what a cozy-looking baby quilt. I'd like to wrap up myself in something like that right about now!

Jenessa said...

cute quilt. and don't feel bad about loser monday - it happens. sometimes taking waist measurements helps you see thing better, if you've been exercising and eating right it could be as simple as the change from fat to muscle. just keep plugging away!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, how cute is that snowball quilt? And made out of flannel, I'll bet it's really cozy. Is the white fabric flannel too?

Kim said...

That comic is my sentiment exactly. I can feel for the women!!! Thanks for blogging about my giveaway and I've entered your name 6 times so far. Kim at bittybitsandpieces

Sherri said...

That is the cutest baby quilt...and it's flannel!

Simply This and That said...

Just discovered your blog and having a fun visit. This quilt is so cute! What a great idea. ooxx`jodi