Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pay it Forward

Pat at A Little of This and a Little of Pat is hosting a Pay it Forward giveaway! How does this work? If you haven't seen the movie, the basic idea is when someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by choosing to pass on a good deed to someone else. So, in this giveaway, I will choose THREE people who comment on this post and express interest in participating. Each of those three people will receive a handmade gift from me. They must, in turn, choose three people to whom they will pay it forward.

So, here are the rules:
1. If you want to participate, let me know by replying to this post.
2. Once I have three people, I will send an email to let you know and give you more details. I will also send out a survey to determine your personal tastes so I can (hopefully) tailor the gift to your preferences.
3. You must then agree to Pay it Forward by posting on your blog and inviting three people to participate.
4. You will send those three people a handmade gift; they will then agree to participate and Pay it Forward.
5. You must have a blog to participate and you must send out your gifts within six months.

Sound like fun?

And speaking of fun, Anne at Bunny Hill Designs is offering a FREE block of the month. Each month, she will post the pattern for a block in a mystery quilt. January's is absolutely adorable and I'm already excited about what February will bring. Go over to Bunny Tales and have a look.
If that's not enough good news for today, Dawn at Gahan Girls is celebrating her first blogaversary. She's having a giveaway to mark the occasion and the prize is one of her beautiful handmade journals. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit her!
See you next time!
Edited to add:
WE HAVE THREE for the PIF! Woohoo!!!
Thanks girls. I'll be sending out information to your email.


redgeraniumcottage said...

Hey Rachel,
I'd love to join your PIF!! Thank you for asking me. I'll get you more gals too. When I do my post tonight. I'll probably not be able to do my post about getting gals to join till Iget home. But maybe I will. Who knows. LOL I'll sure try.

PunkiePie said...

Sure. I'll give it a shot.

Andrea said...

I would love to play along. I have done this once before and it was great fun. ps - saw this on Sharons blog.

redgeraniumcottage said...

WOOHOOO We've got three!!! Now I can go forward with mine. Thanks girls.