Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knit Happens!

In my off-hours before Christmas (when I wasn't marking or complaining about how much marking I had to do), I managed to do some knitting. Some of these items were gifts, but I feel quite safe in showing them to you now, since all Christmas parcels were delivered and (I'm assuming) opened.

Clockwise from upper left corner:

Handsome Scarf from knit with Patons Shetland Chunky for my friend Cheryl's husband.

Robin's Egg Hat (pattern can be found at knit from Patons Softee Chunky for me. I like this so much I think I'll make more to give away.

Seed Scarf from knit from Bernat Satin Sport in Raisin. I made two of these in the same colour - one for the OnlyChild and one for me, so now we match.

Slouch Hat (also from twoandsix) knit with the leftovers from the seed scarves. This was a 'guinea pig' version of the hat. The OnlyChild wants one but I wanted to see how it was made first. I think I'll have to make some changes to the pattern; it wasn't very 'slouchy' and seems a bit small for the style.

Another Seed Scarf, this one in Sapphire for my neighbour Shannon who loved mine when I visited her a few days before Christmas. Sometimes a few gushy compliments is all it takes...

Blue Bamboo Scarf (pattern from Stacy at made for Cheryl. I can't even remember what the yarn was, but it was beautiful and tweedy.

And finally... another version of the Blue Bamboo Scarf, actually knit in Bernat Natural Blends bamboo yarn in a beautiful soft sage green. This one was for my mum, a perfect colour for her!

I also made a Handsome Scarf for Mr. P in black Softee Chunky. No picture - I think he's wearing it.

In other news... Swanky was a big hit with the OnlyChild's best friend. I wish I'd had my camera - you should have seen her face when she opened it. She squealed, she jumped up and down, she hugged me and told me she loved me. Now that's gratitude!
Okay, I'm off to get my hair done, grey covered, split ends snipped. I've packed up today's pile of marking (yes, it's all divvied up into daily rations - less overwhelming to look at that way) and I'll try to get something done while I'm under the dryer.
I hope you're having a wonderful day!


Dogwood said...

Beautiful knits. Great gifts. I hope you also knit a gift for yourself!

Great idea to separate stacks of marking.

Hair cut and color...goodie.

Today I am sewing cozy blankets for Project Linus. Fun and heart warming.

Patty said...

Lovely, I must learn to knit. I'm glad that Swanky was a hit. How could it not be? today I took the tree down and the boy stored the decorations away for another year.

Thimbleanna said...

That's a lot of knitting! Between that and Swanky, you've managed to get a ton done this season -- much more than me -- maybe I need a pile of papers to mark to motivate me! Loved reading about Swanky's receipt -- I sure wish I could have been there to see it!

goldenbird said...

Your knitting projects are beautiful! I love the seed stitch scarf in sapphire. The hats all look perfect. (And I clicked on the picture to inspect them all!) You've inspired me ... one of my knitting goals for next year is to learn to knit hats in the round on DPNs. Oh, and I like how you created a collage (montage?) of all those pictures. What kind of software did you use to do that? Happy new year my friend!

Pat said...

I'm glad your daughter's friend really appreciated that great quilt you made for her! The knit items are wonderful. MY personal favorite is the seed stitch one in that lovely blue!!! (Blue is MY color to wear as it brings out my eyes...just in case you were ever wondering!!! LOL)

Sara said...

You did a great job on your knits this year...I am going to knit that Blue Bamboo Scarf!!! Yes!

Was there any doubt in your mind that Swanky would cause such excitement!!!

julia said...

What lucky gift recipients you have!!! Good luck with finishing your marking. I realize you are never finished, really, because you have to keep making assignments. As soon as you finish one set there are two more to grade! Right? You seem to be such a dedicated teacher. You are the kind that I would have wanted my children to have as teachers.

Barb said...

You have been totally awesome!! You accomplished alot, met your just can't get any better than that!!