Monday, December 21, 2009

Two hundred

In case you didn't know (and you probably didn't), this marks my two-hundredth post! Yay me!

I thought about having a celebratory giveaway...

but I think I'll wait a little bit. You see, in early January I will also be celebrating my first year of blogging and in late January I will be celebrating a quite significant birthday...

so I will have a party sometime in January for all three wondrous occasions... and you're invited!

But first we have to get through Christmas.

A few years ago, when we first moved to the city, Mr. P and the OnlyChild bought me five pieces of the Dickens Christmas Village, with the idea that we would add to it each year. I love it, but I still only have five pieces. This suits me just fine, given the fact that there is limited space in my little old house to display anything.

Our tree is up and decorated. Each one of us had a part in the decorating this year. Mr. P started, I tidied up (haha) and the OnlyChild put her own decorations on it after.
(By the way, not one of those presents is for the OnlyChild. Honestly, we have not wrapped a thing for her yet.)
Here is the 2009 edition of the annual cross-stitched ornament I make for the OnlyChild. This year she wanted a cupcake (the trend continues). I was happy to oblige, as this was an exceptionally quick and easy pattern. Start to finish, the entire ornament took less than two hours. Yes, for once I wasn't toiling over it on Christmas Eve. You may not be able to see, but I embellished the frosting with little bead sprinkles.

Not all ornaments in the cross-stitched collection are actually cross-stitched. This is one of two that were made from another method. This particular year marks the adoption of Bernice (my sewing machine) into the family. A tiny log-cabin quilt for 2001.

My mum's friend Ola made me these crochet snowflakes the first year I was married - eighteen years ago. I wish I had more of them. Maybe she still makes them and I can put in another order.

I love this little angel. I got her when I was four. That year we were living in Norway at Christmas time, so I always refer to her as my Norwegian Angel. Mr. P and the OnlyChild don't get the fuss, but I think she's beautiful. I don't really remember the story behind my getting her, but she means a lot to me. (Mum, are you out there? Do you remember how I got this angel?)

This is a limited edition light bulb snowman. I think I made two or three of these. I know Mum has one; maybe my friend Kim does too. I think he's pretty neat. His nose is a piece of leather and looks just like a dried up old carrot.

Didn't you know that Santa was a Scot? Here he is wearing the family hunting tartan. Very stylish, wouldn't you say? We had him custom-made about five years ago.

So, there you have it - another peek at Christmas in my house. There's more to see.
Marking update: I have one-and-a-quarter inches marked so far, a little behind my target but I took yesterday off. Still plugging away...


andsewon said...

Your home looks so festive and ready to welcome the holiday!!!
Love the look of your mantle.
Beautiful tree!!
I reckon if you do a wee bit of marking each day you will whittle that pile right down!
Off today to take teen grand niece Hollyanne shopping!
Oh me...;-)

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love all your christmas decorations.....

Barb said...

Loved seeing and hearing about your decorations.....good luck on the grading...

Thimbleanna said...

No way. You've only been blogging for a year? It seems like you've been out there for MUCH longer! Your house looks beautiful! I didn't even put up my houses this year -- bad decorator!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Your house looks great! I love sentimental Christmas tree ornaments so I totally get the one from Norway!
Keep us posted with your continued progress with the marking pile...

Pat said...

I made my kids cross stitch ornaments for about 10 years in a row...never made any for myself, though, and now I have trouble with my eyes to see the cross-stitch fabric, so I guess I'm not going to have one on my own tree! was fun looking at your tree and your other decorations. I love sentimental ornaments and my whole family room tree is special ornaments like that and has white lights this year (had been multi-colored lights for all the other years). I have a second tree (small one) in the living room that is decorated in regular ornaments....mostly a "red" decoration tree with green and white lights.

Sara said...

Your house looks very festive! And, I love the Christmas Village houses. A friend of mine has a beautiful village - and she hasn't put it up for several years. I contributed a few of her houses!

The marking stack will go down - just do a few a day...

PunkiePie said...

Thank you for sharing all your Christma decor, Rachel. I love it all. I especially love the cross-stitched cupcake ornament. What a great idea!

Congratulations on all your upcoming milestones. can't wait to participate in January!


Your tree is lovely and has some very special ornaments on it.
Happy 200th post :)
Did I tell you that I LOVE the ATC you made? Sewing on it is awesome:)
Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Merry Christmas!
Deb :)

Sherri said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations! Love the log cabin block! Happy 200...I'm almost there too--January for sure!!

Holly Days Closet said...

Your home look lovely I love the snowman he is so cute. Have a great holiday.

Annie said...

Mum is here. I can't exactly remember about the angel. I do know that we were very rushed that year when we went to Norway, arriving not long before Christmas. I am so glad you still have the angel. I still have the elves that I had given me that year. Wish I could see your decorations in person - one day perhaps. Everything looks beautiful. Love you

Dogwood said...

200 posts. Oh, wow. You are certainly a lady of words! Love your blog and friendship.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful decorations with us.!

Enjoy this fun and festive holiday season.


Merry Christmas Rachael! Everything Looks GOOD!!!

Riel Nason said...

Love the tradition of making an ornament a year for your daughter! Lovely decorations!

goldenbird said...

Merry Christmas, Rachel! Warm wishes for a happy holiday filled with joy and peace.