Friday, January 01, 2010

Ladies (and Gentlemen)... Start your machines

Victoria over at Bumble Beans posted about the Liberated Quilters: Liberated Challenge today. The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative is seeking donations of tiny, unique quilts to be auctioned off in support of Alzheimer's research.

The OnlyChild and I have decided to participate. My husband's grandmother (and the OnlyChild's great-grandmother) was afflicted with Alzheimer's. She lived with the disease for many years, putting tremendous stress and strain on Mr. P's family. It was heartbreaking to see her suffer!

We think this is a great cause. Since the OnlyChild has resolved to learn to sew, this is a wonderful beginning quilt project for her. The maximum size of the quilts is 9" x 11" and they have to be completely original creations. Perfect for my artsy child who never follows directions for anything. And a good lesson in creativity and liberty for me, the ultimate rule-follower.

For more information about the challenge, visit Victoria or click on the picture above. For the "rules" (thank goodness there are some) go here.

For an interesting perspective on New Year's Resolutions, head over to this blog post. It's most definitely a different take on an old tradition. Sarah at Makin' Projiks blogged about it today... it has me thinking (always a dangerous situation).
I hope 2010 started off with a BANG! for you. We actually had a nice New Year's Eve. I did some (very unfocused) marking for a bit while Mr. P watched the hockey game and the OnlyChild practiced her machine sewing on my old Singer. Then the three of us played Phase 10 and Scattergories while having a drink (Mr. P made chocolate martinis for us girls). We opened a bottle of cheap champagne at 11:55 pm, turned on the t.v. and rang in the New Year while watching the fireworks on the tube. Honestly, it was much too cold to go downtown and see them in person.
Okay... back to the marking. I'm having a hard time focusing (again) but I do want to do something else today so I'd better get to it!
Have a wonderful day, friends!


Barb said...

That sounds like a wonderful venture!! I have a friend with Alzheimers...

Yes, focus so you can go and play after grading.

andsewon said...

How nice you and ONLY CHILD can 'bond' during this process...;-)
Sometimes it is wild fun to sew with no rules!!
Look forward to seeing the master pieces you both create!

Sara said...

I've done some stuff with the Alsheimer's group. I did some postcards one year...and they sold a matter of fact - Mark Lipinski bought one of them.

What Comes Next? said...

Wonderful project for you and the only child to work on. I've been tempted to sign up as well, but just waiting to see how well I manage what is already on my plate. I've been reading and following Christine Kane's blog for several years now. I find her refreshing, and always makes me think. My word for this year is "Believe" - have you picked a word yet?

goldenbird said...

That Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative sounds wonderful. I wish I could make a tiny quilt. Well, maybe I could do it by hand since it's so small. I'll have to check out the link. Looking forward to seeing your's and the OnlyChild's.

Paris;;loves said...

"Perfect for my artsy child who never follows directions for anything. And a good lesson in creativity and liberty for me, the ultimate rule-follower."

How are we related?
I mean really that one totally says it all haha.
But I am excited, I have been sketching up bits an pieces for days! Googling images i can convert!

This will be good :)