Monday, January 18, 2010

Suzanne's Great Big Giveaway and Sale

Have you noticed...? There are lots of good things happening in Blogland lately!

Here's another giveaway worth checking out: Suzanne's Great Big Giveaway and Sale. Suzanne is closing down her brick-and-mortar shop, but keeping her online shop open. She has some wonderful specials in addition to this fantastic giveaway in celebration of one-thousand blog posts. Yes, folks, that's 1000. Wow!

It's so worth a look!


a little bit biased said...

Rachel, I love your heart quilt! It's beautiful! Great quilting on it too! That's nice you can do your own. There are some amazing designs out there for professional long arm quilting, but it's such a good feeling when you do the whole thing yourself!

Beach Vintage said...

Wow, I cant even imagine 1000 posts! What an amazing achievement.


Hi Rachel,
I am going to mail the ATC card tomorrow ~ I hope you win the would be a nice birthday gift for you.
Deb :)

Dogwood said...

Thanks...I will go check them out.

Have a nice day...