Monday, January 31, 2011

School Bag

This is my school bag. I bought it in Paris a couple of years ago so I could bring back all the goodies I had found there.

I love it. It's so cute with its little Toulouse-Lautrec black cat.
It's roomy and sturdy, and it holds all my "stuff".
It's been carted around everywhere for almost two years.

But lately something bad has started to happen to my school bag.
The lining is disintegrating. I find little specks of black plastic all over everything I put in my bag.
It's also getting to be a bit shabby-looking, with the fabric fraying on the corners.

I decided I needed a new school bag... so I made one!

This is the Mail Sack made with a pattern from Pink Chalk Fabrics.
I used a cheery yellow and white home-dec weight fabric for the outside and a dark grey Kona cotton for the lining. Have I told you how much I love Kona cotton?

The lady at the fabric store suggested a chocolate brown lining - she didn't think grey would look nice with the yellow - but when I got home, I decided the brown was too dull. So, even though I had asked for her opinion (and she was nice enough to give it), I ignored her advice. As usual.

The bag is plenty big. Not as big as my French bag, maybe, but that just means I won't be able to bring home as much marking. haha.

It has one divided inner pocket.

And one lined, zippered inner pocket.

And a lovely long strap that goes across the body (which is how I like to wear my bags).

Forgive the messy hair and clothes. I just got home from kettlebells class and I wanted to show you this right away (because I finished making it right before I went to kettlebells).

But look at my big smile! Je suis très content de mon nouveau sac!

I linked this project for Fabric Tuesday on Quilt Story. Go and take a look!


Julie Fukuda said...

The nice thing about making your own bag is you can make it the way you want it. If I had to carry all that heavy homework I'd want it over the shoulder too!

Barb said...

If I were to chose a color for you, that would have been bright and cheerful. Love your bag!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I love it!! If I still have a job after March, I'm going to treat myself to a new laptop bag. I'm bored with the one I'm using now.

Thimbleanna said...

You look so cute -- and happy with your new bag! That color is perfect for spring -- Job Well Done!!!

Kelly said...

the grey and yellow sooo go together! I like it.

Recovering Perfectionist said...

Yes, gray & yellow is very modern! Nice job!

QuiltyGirl said...

cute! It sure does hold a ton, too! :)


Hi Rachel,
Great new bag!Love the pocket and the zipper pocket that you made. I need to start sewing.
Darling little Owl that you sent Dogwood :)

goldenbird said...

Gorgeous school bag! That yellow fabric is so pretty (looks good with the grey) and I love the long strap. Nice and roomy and it looks cute on you.

Wendy said...

That is an awesome bag...I could use one too. I teach high school (math) and often cart home a lot of paperwork and books sometimes too. Right now I use a canvas bag not quite as large as yours. Definitely have to have that over the shoulder thing going on. Anyway, your's looks great...the colors do work well together and I like the zipper pouch!