Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fiddleheads and Father's Day

Have you ever tasted fiddleheads?

They grow in ditches on the east coast and my mum used to go picking them every year. They're delicious steamed and served with a bit of butter and vinegar.

But they're so hard to find out here on the Prairies. We used to be able to get them frozen, but when they were cooked they turned to mush. Not appetizing at all.

Saturday morning I was at the farmer's market downtown and one of the greenhouses had fiddlehead plants for sale. I asked around to find out how to plant, where to plant and how to care for them, but noone seemed to have a clue (strange, since they were selling the plants). I bought a couple anyway and will see if they'll grow in containers in my back yard. At $3.00 a plant, it was a small investment for potentially a great pay-off. Yum.

It's been such a nice weekend! Yesterday Mr. P and I went to the horse races with some friends. We had lunch, took in a few races, enjoyed the sun. Today was spent in the back yard. We bought an inflatable pool - 36" deep. It takes up most of our tiny back yard and it took all day to fill, but I had a short dip in the freezing water and will cross my fingers that tomorrow is hot and sunny again so I can sit in it after work. Maybe the water will be warm by the late afternoon.

The OnlyChild and I used our creativity to put together Mr. P's Father's Day gift this year. We made him a "Pop Kit" with all things "pop" - Pop Tarts, popcorn, a can of pop, a bottle of wobbly pop (beer), lollipops, and pop bottle candy. We were looking for pop rocks candy and also wanted to add a popsicle (but were afraid it would melt). His real present was a book and a set of sheets. Don't laugh - he asked for them because he hates the rough, old sheets we have on the bed right now.

Well, you know his real real present was the recent trip to Philadelphia and tickets to a playoff game. Even though he booked that trip himself.

We also made him this card

which was inspired by this post.

Mr. P had to head out of town this afternoon as he is scheduled to do a presentation tomorrow. What a way to spend Father's Day... mind you, after the present-giving it would have been all downhill because he would have had to cook his own supper. haha.

The OnlyChild is heading to a theatre gala tonight, so I'm on my own again. I think I'll make a few hairbands, inspired by another blogger's post that I can't find right now. I think I remember enough of it to go it my own way, but I'd like to give credit...

This was meant to be a short, little post while I wait for the OnlyChild to get ready, but as usual I gabbed on and on. Thanks for sticking with me :)


Pat said...

No clue about fiddleheads...I've heard of fiddlehead ferns but that is all I know of that topic!!! LOL Cute card and CUTE idea for a "pop" package!!!


I thinking they don't look too good to worms..
LOVE your "pop" gifts :)
I'll be working on my ATC this week:)
Enjoy your new pool :)
Deb :)

Barb said...

Never heard of fiddleheads, unless you are talking about my sons...HA!!

What a fun gift for dad...

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I've seen thoes fiddleheads before bu they do not look appetizing tome. lol I'll stick to my broccoli thank you very much.
What clever gifts you got for Father's Day. I love pop rocks. The card is awesome too.
Hey hunka asked for sheets too. lolol And Wilster also did for his 30th birthday. Sheets are a good thing.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

fiddleheads look a bit never heard of them

andsewon said...

Yes had to try them when we were in Saint John, NB. I thought they were a wild weed thing.
Hope the plants do well for you.Sort of like here we used to could look for wild asparagus and poke salad on ditch banks not any more, been killed out.
Sounds like an awesome Pop Day for your DH!
We are boiling here so maybe you will get some warmth as well!! We used to use a cover to heat up the water in the pool.

PunkiePie said...

Clever gifts! I love the "pop" theme.

Enjoy your new pool and I hope it warms up for you so that you're not turning purple as soon as you get in!

Thimbleanna said...

Really? You can eat fiddleheads? I thought they were just a decorative plant!

goldenbird said...

I've never seen or heard of fiddleheads. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. I wonder if they taste a bit like artichokes.

The pop kit is such a great idea. Did Mr. P. get a kick out of it? That is so cute, I might have to do that for my dad next year.

ImplausibleYarn said...

I'm sorry I know nothing about growing them. I just buy them and look up new ways to cook them. cute packaging.

Vesuviusmama said...

LOVE, love, love fiddleheads! Used to eat them all the time in Maine in the spring. Brings back great memories...

Lynn said...

Love the card :). Ty made a similar one for her Dad. How are the fiddle heads coming along?