Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I was supposed to do tonight

First, an announcement:

This morning, I finished marking all my grade 12 tests, exams and assignments. Marks are in the computer. I'm done! (With that class anyway.) Hurray! Just my grade 11 class to finish now, but it's a much smaller group and much less work.

Which leads me to the topic of this post.

After school, I was going to do a bit of marking (to give me less to do on the weekend), but I got caught up in a conversation with a co-worker. Not that I have an issue with that, nor do I think it a waste of time. The fact is, a few of my colleagues have been getting on my nerves lately, so it was nice to have a chat with a sane and wise person, rather than the silly 20-something year olds in my department.

So, the marking didn't get done before we had to go downstairs to attend a retirement function for three old boys who are calling it quits this year. My plan was to stay until about 5:00 pm, or 5:15 at the latest, and then sneak off home so I could make it to dance class.

But the speeches went on and on. I think it's rather rude when people get up and leave when someone is doing a presentation, plus I really like all three of these colleagues, so I stayed. And soon, it was too late for me to get home, change and drive to the other side of town to attend my last dance class of the year.

So, I thought maybe I'd go to Kettlebell class and then stay for yoga. My yoga teacher holds free classes in between sessions (to attract new business, I guess, but she invites us to come too). But on my way out of the school, the cooking teacher took me into the kitchen and gave me a container of mole (pronounced mol-ay) to take home to Mr. P. He's a good friend, so we chatted for a few minutes and by the time I left, it was too late to make it to Kettlebell class at 6:45.
So, I thought maybe I'd just go to yoga at 8:00 pm. But then I got lazy and comfortable and my belly hurts a little (girl stuff, ya know), so I made that a good excuse not to go to yoga either.

So, here I am sitting on the couch, getting sleepier by the minute.

My marking didn't get done.
I missed my last dance class of the year.
Kettlebell class happened without me.
And the yoga ladies are probably twisted in some unnatural position right now.

I didn't do any of the things I was supposed to do tonight.

But who cares?


cozy quilter said...

What you did accomplish is very important too --you paid tribute to some special colleagues at the end of their teaching careers and you spent some time with a friend. Someone once told me that my job is the interruptions...


Hi Rachel,
I can relate to the day not going as I had planned...kind of the whole week has been like that.
I finished the ATC for this month and will send them out by Monday.
Guess I should let the group in on the theme for next month.
Relax and enjoy the summer off.
Deb :)

Pat said...

Ah...but I think you needed a night just to sit on the sofa and do nothing!!! (Is hubby bummed about the Flyers? My son-in-law is!)

Barb said...

Exactly, who cares...doees it really matter? You enjoyed the company of alot of people that day...and so you deserve to rest...right!! Love that last yoga cartoon...too funny.

andsewon said...

I think you did have a good day despite missing all the things you COULD have been doing.
Girl stuff and yoga..sort of makes me cramp just thinking of it and it has been a while...;-)

Kaye said...

You had a full day and remember a day is only 24 hours no matter how you look at it. I think we are all the same and never get done all the things we want to do, but thats okay as long as we do some of it done! Have a great summer and a wonderful trip

PunkiePie said...

You needed to relax. That's why your day (or evening) didn't go as planned. I hope did get some relaxing in. Enjoy your weekend!

Patty said...

That's the way it goes sometimes.

Thimbleanna said...

Yay for you Rachel! Sometimes we just have to let it go. And I'll bet the retirees really appreciated that you stayed -- I love to do stuff like that, 'cause I know it will be my turn someday!

Vesuviusmama said...

Change the names of the activities, and that was my day today. Oh well, like you said, who cares?