Thursday, June 03, 2010

Teeny Tiny Writing

and messy writing, and answers taken directly from the textbook or copied from a friend.

Ahhh... the joys of marking.

My students are starting to panic now. All their course work is due on Monday, June 7. One of the hazards of a self-directed program is that (and I've said this before) some students lack self-direction and this program allows them to leave the bulk of the work until the last minute.

What that means to me is piles upon piles of marking during the final two weeks of the semester. And it's marking of the worst kind. Hastily-written responses that make absolutely no sense and/or do not even answer the question. Work for the sake of work. The "git 'er dun" stuff.

It feels like I will never finish. I think I might have to become a bit more "hasty" in my marking.

Oh well... never mind... remember my new philosophy? Who Cares?

Really, who cares? I don't - how can I? I'm going to Italy in 31 days. I'm going to France in 50 days. And I bought new shoes. Wanna see?

Strappy Sandals. I've already worn these twice, despite the rain and snow - yes, snow - we've had here.

And my other pair of shoes - good walking shoes for the summer. I haven't worn these yet, but they'll get lots of use.

Well, I wanted to show you pictures of our drive down to Calgary last weekend, and of all the snow - yes, snow - we encountered, but I've emailed them to myself twice from my cellphone and haven't received them.

(I've been having some email issues lately. My hotmail *magically* sent out a spam email to people on my contact list - I don't know if it was everyone or just a few - and I'd like to tell everyone to ignore it but, equally *magically*, my contact list has disappeared so I don't know anyone's email addresses. I think you are all safe, since I don't use hotmail for my blog. But if, by chance, I've ever sent you anything from my hotmail address and you got a suspicious email ostensibly from me about cheap iPhones, ignore it. I did not send it.)

Anyway, back to the snow... it was awful on Saturday: whiteout conditions in places, slush all over the highway. Scary driving. It snowed a bit up here too, according to the OnlyChild, and some of my freshly-planted flowers are a bit wilty now. I hope they survive. But really, Mother Nature... Snow on May the friggin' twenty-ninth? What were you thinking?

The OnlyChild survived her night without us. I think she rather enjoyed herself. Her friend Rachelle picked her up, they went for supper, got a flat tire, had a big adventure, then Rachelle stayed overnight. I know it was a bit silly of me to worry - she is almost 18 after all - but, it was the first time and that's always the hardest.

Okay, enough jabbering for now. I have a dance class to get ready for, the OnlyChild has a job interview this evening (fingers crossed for her) and my pile of marking isn't getting any smaller.

Ciao! A bientot!


Nancy said...

My son is 17 and we left him alone for the first time last winter. I think I called every 30 minutes until he went to

Pat said...

UGH...I hate last-minute student papers!!! Your shoes are cute!!! Sorry for the recent snow. It can't do that much longer...can it????

Barb said... least in the back of your mind you know that an end is in sight and the pay off will be going to Europe....and that is some pay off!!

You never stop worrying,no matter how old they get.

Patty said...

Holy Smokes snow that late in May! What's up with that? Bless you on the marking I fell your pain but this too will pass. I 'm glad the Only Child and you made it through her night by herself.

Tangos Treasures said...

Cute shoes!! Oh my it's getting closer to your trip! I'm excited for you!
Ughhh snow still??

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- I hope summer finds it's way to you soon! Sounds like TheOnlyChild did just fine without you -- did she tell you about the big party they had LOL???

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You all survived. Excellent! I'm sorry for the snow and all the last minute marking. Keep that vacation countdown going. It will be here sooner than you know it!

Stacy said...

I like your new shoes, especially the strappy sandals. Hopefully the photos from Calgary will turn up, that would be nice to see.

Only 30 days until Italy ... gosh, how exciting.

Kansas Amy said...

Great shoes! Italy AND France, soooo envious!

Dogwood said...

Love your shoes especially the every day brown sandles. They look very comfy. You are heading for a wonderful summer of traveling!

Hawaii and Elle's high school graduation was wonderful.

Hugs, Dogwood

Pat Barton said...

Lucky you...such exciting travel plans. I love the brown walking sandals. Would you mind sharing the brand and where you found them? (I doubt we'd ever wear them at the same time and place...I'm in Long Beach, CA:)