Thursday, January 12, 2012


I got a surprise in the mail yesterday!

I actually forgot I'd won a giveaway from Kaari at French General.

Look how pretty! And the postcards too! Oh yes, I'd love to go on the "Chateau Getaway" in the South of France.

Beautifully wrapped. I preserved the tissue paper.

But it was definitely worth it to unwrap!

Green, white and red goodness. This is going into my Christmas Stars quilt! (And the leftovers will be used for the Christmas strings quilt.)
Thank you, Kaari!

I've been Swooning too.

I cut the background fabric and the first two colours and started sewing my very first Swoon block.


This is my first time ever sewing flying geese. I hope I did it right.

I sewed the leftover little triangles together so I can use them in another project. I don't know what yet but they were too cute to throw away.
I can't wait to show you a block, finally. I cut that white background fabric for three evenings before I got to sew anything together! It's time I saw some reward for my hard work ;)
I think I might have some time to sew this weekend. Stay tuned...


Julie Fukuda said...

Great geese and lovely fabrics. That is a fun project to watch.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

GREAT giveaway win. Lucky girl! Your Swoon block is looking good! And now you are making want to dig in the trash for my HST scraps. I threw them out... <>

What Comes Next? said...

now that's a great giveaway bundle! Your Swooning looks wonderful - love the colours!

Pat said...

Your geese look fine to me. I wish you lived near me.....I could save you a lot of cutting time with all the dies I have and my GO! cutter. What a GREAT prize you won.....beautiful fabrics and that tissue paper wrapping is very nice. I've had saved it, too. :-)

Stacy said...

Love that fabric! A getaway in the South of France sounds wonderful to me, too. Congrats on the nice giveaway win.