Saturday, March 19, 2011

A night in with the OnlyChild

Last night was FNSI and so I did both - sew and stay in, that is. I had company, too. The OnlyChild wanted to "do something creative" with me.

First, I sewed on the borders of my O'Cherries quilt. I didn't take a photo - you've seen it before so imagine it now with 5" white borders...that's as far as I got. Meanwhile, the OnlyChild started making a pillow:

She based her design on a couple of patterns I got from Kellie of Don't Look Now. She didn't get to the sewing part yet. I have a feeling there will be much tutoring in that department since applique is a new skill to be learned by the OnlyChild. Her comment while cutting out all those little pieces: "I'd rather be painting."

But then things got a bit wilder. Together we made Leon:

Leon is another creation from the book Sew Me, Love Me (in the book he's called Scrappy Lion). He was a collaborative effort. I did all the machine stitching and the OnlyChild was the stuffmaster, hand-stitcher, and button selector.

He's got personality!

After all that work, the three of us shared a bottle of wine. We felt we deserved it!

This bottle came back from Italy with me last summer. I wasn't really saving it for an occasion of any sort - just waiting for an opportunity to suck back the whole thing with a good friend.

There are some perks to having an adult daughter when you're still only 29 (hahaha). Yes, she's "legal" - 18 is the age of majority here. Crazy, eh?

The three of us sat and chatted and the OnlyChild and I planned our summer trip to San Antonio, Texas. I'm going for a conference in July and she's tagging along. We are so excited!

Does anyone out there live in or near San Antonio? Or has anyone visited before? We'd like some advice on what we must see and do! recap... a good night was had by all (except for Mr. P who went to bed early because he has to work today).


Pat said...

How nice to share crafty time (and wine) with your daughter! Leon is very cute!!! I like your daughter's flower pieces, too.

Unknown said...

wow, 18 huh? what these american kids would do for a legal age of

Barb said...

Love the Leon...and I sooooo Love San antiono, Texas, I wish I was still living in Texas, I would come and meet you but I am stuck up here in Virginia.... Juday from Sew Meow is in San Antonio..... There is Sea World, Six flags, the river walk...and you will love it, The!!

Julia said...

I LOVE Leon!!! What a fun evening!

Unknown said...

Love Leon, you both did a wonderful job. Great that you get to spend time together, sounds like you all had a wonderful time. The flowers are so cute; is it a wall hanging?

Lana said...

I love the little cute and you are right...lots of personality!
If you want to go see some great stuff in San Antonio, Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling ( can give you some good ideas of where to go and what to see. I personally love the River much good food, music and river rides...Tell I sent you over.

Anonymous said...

Love the colours in the O'Cherry quilt. And Leon is adorable. What a great FNSI you had.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I have a similar idea brewing in my head for a flower wallhanging using raw egde appliqué for my entry way

Dogwood said...

Too cute is that Leon!
What a fun time with your daughter.
Wow, drinking age of 18!
What fun you and only child are going to have in TX.

Happy days to you!
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Cheryl said...

Wow, he is sooooo awesome! I want that book! Been on skype lately? I just got mine back time!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a fun night of mother-daughter-lion bonding. I really like that Leon, he is adorable. I didn't know that 18 was the legal age in your neck of the woods ... it caught me off guard when you said you drank a bottle of wine with your daughter.

I haven't been to Texas, so can't offer any help.

Thimbleanna said...

Leon is adorable! And I'm so impressed that TheOnlyChild wants to craft with you -- excellent parenting LOL! You lucky girls -- San Antonio is beautiful. The Alamo is a must. Other than that, the last time we were there, the boys were little, so Sea World was on the top of our list -- not sure if that would be up your alley!

Unknown said...

Visit the Mercado and have breakfast at Mi Tierra there, buy some Pan Dulce to have with your coffee. If your gonna be there for a few days maybe you could drive over to New Braunfels for the day and go to Schlitterbaun(waterpark) for the day. I love Schlitterbaun! Hope you enjoy your vist.