Saturday, February 14, 2009

Are you feeling loved?

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you feeling loved today? I hope you feel loved every day. As you know, Mr. P and I aren't big believers in V Day (it is very close to both our birthdays), so no gifts were exchanged between us today. He did, however, take me out to dinner last night, which was very nice. No roses or diamonds for me, but he takes care of me all year long so I know he loves me without the fancy schmancy presents. I do make/buy a gift for the OnlyChild; this year, I made her the Pink Penguin basket and stuffed it with undies, a couple of chocolates, a sucker and a handmade card. Plus, I bought her a cute pair of pajamas. She was thrilled and is wearing the pjs now, at 4:30 in the afternoon.

So, today is not a bad day at all. But yesterday. Oh yesterday. Horrible. Friday the thirteenth. I'm certainly not superstitious, but it was an awful day. Let me recount:

7:23 am - I pull out of the driveway in my husband's truck. I have in the back the waffle iron, waffle mix, fruit and whipped cream to make a V Day breakfast for my colleagues. I am dressed up in a nice burgundy silk top and dressy pants, feeling good. I pull out from the side road onto the main road and BAM! I get hit by a pickup truck that decided to change lanes at the same time I pulled out. No damage to Mr. P's sturdy SUV, very little to the pick-up (just a light broken) but, boy, is he MAD. And he yells at me that it's my fault. And he won't talk to me to exchange info, preferring to talk to someone who pulled over as a witness (I am suspicious of this because I was not allowed to hear their conversation). And he won't back up his truck so I can assess damage. In fact, I actually had to call my husband to come to the corner to "rescue" me. The guy obviously has issues with women. Anyway....

8:10 am - finally arrive at school. Don't tell anyone what happened ('cause I feel like an idiot) and just make waffles for my five department colleagues. One of the guys brought bacon and eggs, so it was quite a feast! Yummm.

9:30-ish am - kid lips me off. I'm not very tolerant. She complains to the department head. He backs me (thank goodness).

10:00-ish am - another kid with an attitude. What is with these young people? Have they no respect. Okay, I sound like an old woman now.

1:00 pm - have to attend a meeting in place of the department head. Booorrrring. Listen to principal yak yak yak for over 2 hours.

3:15 pm - go back to my office and mark (and talk to colleague about rude kids and boring meeting).

4:17 pm - Mr. P calls. Where am I? I'm still at work. He thought we had made arrangements to meet at home and then attend a going-away party (for one of his colleagues who I don't know). I don't think we ever decided on that. I was going to meet him downtown. I decide not to go to the party. He's a bit annoyed, but we're meeting for supper with another couple at 6:30 anyway.

5:00 pm - Mr. P calls again. Reminding me to meet at 6:30 pm. Duh.

6:15 pm - I arrive at the restaurant. Early. Think about ordering a drink at the bar, but I don't.

6:35 pm - Mr. P and the other couple arrive. We have a very nice supper together.

9:00 pm - home. Waiting for me is a parcel from Regena from Quilt n Quilt Things. What a sweetheart! She sent me gifts for my birthday... just because she is a lovely person. Lookie...

There's an adorable apron, a project bag (I know just what I'm storing in there!), a hat pincushion (which has already been put to use), and that little pouch. Do you see that? It's the neatest thing - and it has chocolate in it (yes, it still does). I just about cried when I opened that box. I cannot believe how nice some people are (so I reverse any miserable thoughts I had about humanity at 7:30-ish in the morning). Thank you, Regena!

After reading what I just wrote, I guess it wasn't such a bad day after all. I have a husband who will rescue me when I need him (and won't make a big deal about a little fender-bender), colleagues who support me and listen to me whine (and enjoy breakfast with me), a daughter who actually asked me to help her sew her dress, two dogs who are happy to see me when I get home after a rough day, and a lovely blog friend who sent me beautiful gifts, even though she's never met me.

I'm feeling loved I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day and keep the love going all year long!


Pat said...

Oh, gosh....maybe, in retrospect, the day wasn't so awful BUT it surely was stressful. I was even stressed out when reading about it! I admire those of you who can teach high school students. It got to where I found most of them intolerable after grade 5. I discovered it was because most of their parents always stuck up for the know...the "my kid can do no wrong" syndrome. Once a kid hears that, forget it....they know they can get away with anything. I'm glad your evening was better than the day was and hope the long weekend gives you a chance to recharge your batteries. When is your birthday?

PunkiePie said...

Sounds like you had a rough beginning to the weekend but isn't turning out half bad. What nice blog friends you have!

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Sew Many Ways... said...

So glad the day ended better than it started!! Always nice to get a little package in the mail to lift your spirits too.

Sara said...

Maybe it wasn't too the old saying goes - "all's well that ends well!" - Sounds like dinner was nice...

and, it is nice to have blog friends who just think of us at the right moment...

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Glad your day ended on a good note. And that you have a wonderful husband. And your blogging friend that send you gifts for your b-day. Very nice.

andsewon said...

Oh my what a day! Sounds like it allended well though and I heart all those goodies!!!!