Tuesday, February 17, 2009

golden bird and lola

I work (play?) on my laptop in my sewing room. The "computer room" is across the hall and my daughter usually plays (works? no!) in there. Quite often, a conversation such as this can be heard:
"Hey Mum!"
"Come here and look at this."
steps across the hall
"Look!" - pointing to computer
"Oh, cool!"
steps back across the hall

Such was the conversation a couple of nights ago as the OnlyChild gave up on Wordpress and discovered Blogger. She kept hitting the "Next Blog" button and discovered all kinds of neat things out there in blogland.

And she pointed me in the direction of golden bird knits. Stacy is brand new on the blog block but I think I already love her because she posted the most wonderful knitting pattern for her Blue Bamboo Scarf.

Now, I'm not a knitter. I have made a few sweaters in my life and not much more. There was the baby outfit for Cheryl's first child, a navy blue sweater for my nephew Mathew, the snowflake sweater for the OnlyChild, and that wonderful turquoise cable-knit and chevron pattern chunky sweater I made for myself that my husband convinced me to give to Goodwill because I rarely wore it. Boy, do I regret giving that away. I mean, I made it! Plus, one day on the bus going to the university (this was wayyyy back), an elderly lady complimented me on it.

I tend not to knit unless my mother is around. She can hear a dropped stitch from the next room and is always willing to fix my mistakes, but she lives all the way across the country. This scarf from golden bird is so easy! And beautiful! Here's my version (made out of some leftover wool from another sweater I started to knit about a decade ago), but please go and visit her blog to see what it should look like!

And Lola. L-O-L-A. Lola. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Lola of ...And Sew On is having a giveaway. She makes adorable potholders and even posted a tutorial on how to make them. How nice is she! But she's made a couple to give away too. I think they would look very nice in my kitchen, but I'd have to keep them away from Mr. P, who is the real cook of the family, because he'd get them all dirty or something. Sheesh, he might actually use them.

Not much news from the homefront. Oh, except that I received a parcel in the mail. Remember I won a gift certificate from Above All Fabric? My Moda Soiree Jelly Roll and Charm Pack arrived today! So beautiful... I'm drooling... Melanie wrote me a little note on the invoice: "LOL ☺ Guess you knew what you wanted!" Hmmm... could she be referring to the fact that I ordered this fabric immediately after I found out I'd won the gift certificate? She's right, though, I knew exactly what I wanted! Now I need to find a pattern that will do them justice. Any suggestions?

Today was what I like to call Monday-equivalent. When you have a holiday Monday, the next day back at work always feels like Monday, so it might as well be. It was a pretty good day. My student teacher started today. She seems like a nice girl and a smart one (thank goodness!). I think we'll get along just fine - especially when she takes over my marking and I can sit with my feet up. Haha. It doesn't quite work that way, in case you actually believed me. Having a student teacher can be a lot of work if he or she is needy/scared/easily intimidated by the kids. Yikes! I've never had a bad one; I've been lucky in that regard. The school where I work has a unique program so any student teacher coming to us has to be open-minded and flexible. I'll tell you more about the school another time, if you're interested.

It's still winter; it's still cold; I'm still sick of it. I'm counting down the days until Spring Break when I jet off to Italy and France for 12 days. That's what's keeping me going for now!

Hope your week is humming along nicely.


goldenbird said...

Your scarf is gorgeous! And thanks for the kind words ...

Sew Many Ways... said...

I would love to learn to knit again. I did it as a child, but other things took over...like quilting! Your scarf is great. I loved your comment about your mom hearing a dropped stitch from another room. That was my mom too...so funny. I wish she were here to teach me to knit again. I guess that why we have blogging friends to show us the way.
Thanks for the link,
ps love the Moda!!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

That Moda fabric is gorgeous, perfect for spring if it ever arrives, LOL. My mum also taught me to knit when I was a teen but then I forgot all about it until last year one of my quilty friends took me under her wing. I still can`t fix a dropped stitch (makes me panic) but my friend is very patient with me! The scarf is very pretty, BTW.

Sara said...

The scarf is adorable and very well done ...

New fabrics...oh, you should be a happy camper!

You are going to Italy and France??? WOW!

Lynn E said...

knitting one skill that I did not master. Good luck on my draw.

Pat said...

Pretty little scarf you are working on. I can knit a bit....BARELY (just taught myself). LOL How nice to have that wonderful trip coming up fairly soon!

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for the new links Rachel -- love the new scarf. And I definitely want to hear about the school!