Monday, December 20, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It's time for:

A little Christmas shopping. I'm all finished now (except for a few stocking stuffers), thanks to online shopping, short trips to the dreaded mall after school on weekdays, and handmade presents.

Wrapping presents and carefully placing them under the tree so that DerbyDog can step all over them.

Visiting with the neighbours, who loved the Snowflake table runner I made for them.

Cutting out paper snowflakes to hang from the lamp in the dining room.

Sewing a tea towel for my friend Sandi. A fleur-de-lis to commemorate our trip to Paris this past summer.

More sewing - back to the Christmas strings!

Visiting with my friend Kim who is up to visit for a few days. We decided to make mittens out of felted wool sweaters.

I picked up one sweater at Goodwill; she bought about a hundred. She has much more faith in our abilities than I do.

Am I the only one who finds it strange to sew on someone else's machine? Kim has a Janome that she loves; I prefer my own familiar Bernina.

This was a nice, quick project and fairly easy.

A little handsewing of the fleece lining completes the project.

New mittens! I can't wait to make another pair... back to Goodwill for more sweaters.

Oh... and I did some marking yesterday. Well, not just some marking - all of my marking! This is good for me, because I can now enjoy my Christmas vacation. This is also good for you, because you won't have to listen to me complain for two solid weeks, like last year.

Tomorrow, Kim and I are going to Costco. Yikes!

The OnlyChild picked out the pattern for her cross-stitched ornament last night, so that's one more project that will have to be done this week. There's always lots to do - I'm just thankful that I'll have some time to do what I love this year!


Pokey said...

Oh, fun with a friend and something to show for it, too! So cool, Rachel.
And the best part of this post is:

Barb said...

I am sooooooooooooooo glad that you will be able to enjoy the rest of your vacation without the markings hanging over your head...

Sounds like it has started with a bang...because you are getting alot done.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Unknown said...

very nice mittens......and the marking is done, yahhhh E has his last school day today, their making up snow days already, and we got more last night, but not enough to keep them out


Merry Chritmas, Rachel!
Your tree looks great! Sweet Pea has taken the tinsel off the bottom of the tree and a couple of ornies also!
Nice mittens!
Thank you for the Mouse ATC...too cute and the little ornie!
Enjoy your time off and may your Christmas be lovely!
deb :)

Sara said...

You are sounding so relaxed this year - and glad that the "marking" is done and you can relax for the remainder of your vacation.

Wanted to tell you Merry Christmas - I haven't sent out the first card this year!

Still trying to get my apartment unpacked.

Dogwood said...

Fun stuff happening in your world! What fun to do projects with your girlfriend.

Happy Hoolidays.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Woohoo on the grading! You can relax this year! And I'm loving the mittens. Great job!

Annie said...

Love the mittens! Parcel arrived yesterday.

Stacy said...

The mittens look so good! My sister makes felted bag from Goodwill sweaters and they are just amazing. I'm glad to hear your marking is out of the way so you can enjoy your time off. Hope you enjoy!