Saturday, December 04, 2010

No excuses!

Yesterday after school, I basted two quilts.

You must be getting sick of seeing these two quilts...and wondering when I'm going to move on to something else.

I used this basting spray:

Have you ever tried it? Boy, it is sticky! I thought it would be easier than getting down on my knees on the classroom floor and pinning. It was...and it wasn't. It's hard to smooth out the fabric, plus everything stuck to me. Everything. The newspaper I put down to protect the floor, the floor that got sprayed anyway, fabric, batting, random threads and fluff. All adhered to my clothes with the faintest puff of gluey spray.

But now I have no excuses not to finish these two quilts. No excuses! (Well, except for the 30+ essays sitting in my school bag, waiting to be marked. Just those...)

And you, my friends, have no excuses not to go and visit Lola to enter her Homespun Holiday Giveaway.

So go on. What are you hanging around here for? I've got nothing for you but high hopes and unfinished projects...unless you're volunteering to help with the marking...?


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I like using the spray for smaller projects. I've never used it on something big. Sorry you had issues but at least you have no more excuses!

Momma Made This said...

Of COURSE I'm not getting tired of seeing those 2 quilts! : D They are great! And anything worth doing takes time, doesn't it? (Or are there a few exceptions that are not coming to mind?)

I've never used basting spray, and am skeptical of anything that might linger in my quilt after washing. Your description of the stickiness was laugh out loud! Do you find that this does actually wash out?

~ Ronda

Pat said...

I, too, only use the spray for SMALL items.....for the very reasons you mentioned. I used to be a "homespun" person but am not super-fond of it lately, so I'll let everyone else have a chance to win instead of me...but thanks for telling us about the giveaway anyway.

goldenbird said...

I've never heard of basting spray, but it does sound messy. Are the quilts for someone special? I like that green and brown one.

I went to an arts and crafts fair today that benefited the Humane Society and saw the cutest quilt with bunnies on it. I couldn't believe she was selling it for only $35.00.

Lots of unfinished projects around here, too. Sure, I'll help with the marking!

Pokey said...

Actually your 2 quilts are great motivators. I think maybe I can accomplish something, too! The basting spray incident sounds like my experience, so I've done small wall quilts only now.
Thank you for the giveaway info, I dropped my name in. Uhoh, one less chance for you...

Dogwood said...

It must be fun to do some quilting after teaching school all day.

Never will get tired of seeing your quilts or anything else that you make.

I am making Holiday cards this evening while listening to the music from the Nutcracker. Fun!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny about the "no excuses". Have you forgotten about that little HOLIDAY that is looming???

Julie Fukuda said...

Never heard of a "fast poke"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, found you on the Slow Poke page. I got such a kick out of your basting spray story. I tried it on my very first quilt and have a photo posted on my new blog that I think would give you a giggle if you want to check it out.