Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scenes from a Sunny Morning

Happy Easter!

Here's what I'm seeing on this beautiful morning:

AbbyDog enjoying a rest in the sun.

 Until DerbyDog disturbs her peace with kisses.

The OnlyChild's paintbrushes on the dining room table.

Quilts caught in a sunbeam.

Pink Peeps Bunny Bunting hanging on the shutters. 

An Easter gift for the OnlyChild (a book, a gift card, pink peeps, and some chocolate). 

O'Cherries on the sewing machine. The straight lines are almost completed; now to move onto the feathers! (I'm scared...) 

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day. It finally feels like Spring has arrived in our part of the world (we'll just ignore the dirty piles of snow in the backyard).

I have some school work to do (but no marking! scratch that - I forgot about the Dictatorship project in my bag), some laundry that needs to be taken care of, and then the day is mine - sewing, dog-walking, lazing around (not likely), eating the Easter Creme Eggs I know Mr. P has hidden for me. What are you looking forward to today?


Pat said...

Going to have dinner with friends soon......finished all the hours of church music we do for Holy Week. It's wonderful to participate in that but it also gets you very tired before you reach the end of it, so it's nice not to have to do my own cooking today! Weather here is terrific, too. YAY for both of us and our good weather!

Patty said...

Dinner with the man, the boy and the two muttlies, attaching a binding.
Have a great week!


I always enjoy seeing photos of your puppy's :)
Sounds like a nice day! It's a great day today! Family, food and sunshine!

Anna said...

looks like a beautiful easter, the sunny quilt it so pretty!

Ima Broad said...

Just discovered your blog, I love your Oh Cherries quilt! Is that a pattern anyone can follow or did you create it? It just looks so fresh and colorful.

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you had a perfect day! I love the cute dog shots -- they looks like such friendly, happy dogs. And the quilt! Did you get to the wreaths yet? I hope it's going smoothly!