Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Duck and Cover

There are no atomic bombs heading my way (I don't think) but sometimes it's just best to keep your head down and avoid getting hit by flying projectiles. Haven't you ever had those days where you just can't seem to do anything right? That's my week so far. Nothing major and it's probably just me, but my new policy is to Duck and Cover:

Isn't that great! I found it while doing some research for my next grade 12 Social Studies seminar. I wanted to do something different and it had to be a Cold War topic so I started googling, looking for ideas. I've decided the topic will be propaganda of this era, so I'm going to show this video (the real version is about 5 minutes long) along with 4 others. Then I'll do teacher stuff and then I'll make them do some student stuff. Planned!

Over the last few days, I've been reading these:

I wish I could say I was making good progress, but I should be finished reading up to page 58 in the book on the right and I'm on page 11. Yeah...sigh. It's as dry as dust and I can't get into it. Lucky for me I am a Class-A bullshitter so I was able to write my online post about it without even reading it. Now I'm just backtracking to cover my butt.

The book on the left is pretty interesting, though, so I'm on track with my reading in that one. That is until the weekend, when I'll officially be behind again unless I Back. Away. From. The. Sewing. Machine. And. The. Computer...

Speaking of the sewing machine... after that frenzy to get the Spring Spell quilt sewn together, it still sits on the bed in the spare room awaiting a backing, batting, quilting and binding. It may have to sit there until the hurricane that is my life settles down a bit. The good news is that grad is tomorrow and Friday then that's all over until next year. The bad news is that I seem to be lagging behind in every single task I have to complete right now: housework, this course, my marking (how quickly that piles up when I'm not looking ~ I swear those assignments multiply in captivity), and all the learning guides and tests I still have to write for next year's new courses. I'm drowning. Yep, the housework will have to be put on hold haha.

And speaking of housework... for the third day in a row, I had to clean up dog shit when I got home from work. Yeah, I'm through with the euphemisms. It can be "doo-doo" or "crap" the first day, but it's "shit" the third time I have to clean it up! I know it's Abby Dog. She just can't hold it. Ugh! And it's hard to be sympathetic when you're gingerly scooping up lumps from the floor. Ugh!

Anywayyyyy... it's raining here. Remember all that snow we had a while back? Yeah, well, now we have rain. Can you see it in that picture? It's helping the lilac bush blossom, I guess. No, we don't have any flowers yet. It's too cold here still. How about some sunshine, please?

I shouldn't complain ~ when it's colder out, I can still wear sweaters and pants that help to disguise my flab. I'm quite disgusted with myself. I promised me I would wear my nice red dress to grad but there's no way it will do up. I had really hoped to be down to my goal weight by now, four months after I made the commitment. I think I actually weigh a bit more than I did when I started.

So here I am bitter and frustrated and cold. Blogging when I should be reading or reading when I should be marking or marking when I should be writing. When am I going to be able to say, I should be sewing?



Pat said...

Oh,'s a bad week there. I hope things will start to look up for you. I HATE weeks like that!!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Rachel -- you have such a busy life (not to mention big trips) that it makes it hard to diet. I do believe, if I had a kid in high school still, I'd want you for his teacher -- you do so much to be prepared. Excellent Work!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Your a great teacher. My mother in law teaches in California, you remind me of her. PS> that's a good thing! said...

I KNOW you are doing what your soul needs to be right now! You never know what stroke of teaching genius may strike in your downtime!

love, kelee