Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Measure twice; cut once.

What is this? Are you having trouble seeing the picture below?

Let me explain. Monday night, fairly late, I realized that if I wanted to pin my Spring Spell quilt after school on Tuesday, I had better cut a piece of batting and get it all ready to go. I had written down the measurements of the quilt and underneath had written the size of batting I needed to cut from the chunk I had on hand.

Unfortunately, when I went to cut, I read the wrong set of numbers and ended up with a piece a bit too narrow. Like I said, it was fairly late at night. Uh Oh! What to do?

Since I didn't have another large piece of batting, I decided the next best thing was to sew a length to the piece I'd already cut. I've done this before, but usually only on table quilts or 'test' projects - just trying to use up and not waste.

Can you see the seam in the picture above? Sort of... I just used a wide zig-zag and butted the two straight sides together. The seam is fairly flat and I've hidden it under the 'racing stripe' on the back of the quilt. Fingers crossed it doesn't show or leave a ridge.

So, here's the quilt, batting and backing all packed up to take to school.

And here's the quilt laid out on the floor of the classroom. I was down on my knees (in a skirt, no less) pinning the quilt after school when a colleague walked by. She said she thought maybe I was praying. haha.
The quilt is now all pinned... I don't know when I'll get around to quilting it. I have my first paper due next Friday, so that's taking priority right now. Even over marking and other work.
For all of you who think I've been complaining too much about the weather lately:

This was what I saw Monday morning when I woke up. The temperature has been hovering around the freezing mark for about a week now. I think we're in for some nicer weather in the next few days. I hope so!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

The quilt looks good all laid out. Butting up the batting pieces and zigzagging them togetrher is just fine. Good luck with your school assignment!

Pat said...

You'll be fine with that pieced batting....the quilting on the quilt will hold it in place and it won't ever be able to shift. NOT send snow here. We have had a very cold spring except for 3 crazy-hot 90+ degree days a few weeks back. I hope the summer is "normal" and not too cold as I look forward to summer SO much each year.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Love the quilt and can't wait to see it finished. I piece batting together very often. Love the snow! haha

Sinta Renee said...

I hate that when that happens... but I have had to piece batting also! I wish I could send you some warm weather:)

PunkiePie said...

Warm weather wishes coming your way!

And I LOVE your quilt top. Love it. It is soooo colorful and pretty and I really like the white sashing with the little blocks. I'm so going to "borrow" this idea for my own pinwheel quilt. Yes sir. I think I might!

Sara said...

Oh, I love that quilt...It is so cute! Bright, cheery!

This week we had a frost warning and it was cold - today it is over 90...Go figure...I guess they say if you don't like the weather in New England, give it a few seconds and it will change!