Monday, May 04, 2009

Every Monday

Every once in a while, my department has a breakfast. I bring in the waffle iron, fresh fruit, whipped cream. Others are starting to contribute items to make a real feast. At our last one a few weeks ago, one of our retired teachers was in subbing. I offered him waffles but he declined, explaining that he had started Weight Watchers. Oh, I said, I start that every Monday! He thought that was a great joke... but it wasn't really a joke.

Today is Loser Monday and after a weekend of eating dangerously, I decided to start again with the Diet Challenge. I had oatmeal for breakfast, a pear for a snack at 10:00, and a salad and strawberries for lunch.

And then I got home from work and, as usual, the no-holds-barred snacking started. Sigh. Okay, it's not quite that bad. I had some flavoured popcorn and now supper is in the oven and I'm not hungry. I'm tired, I had to clean up dog crap and puke when I walked in the door, and I have about 80 pages of reading to do for my course. So, when I'm frustrated or overwhelmed, I eat. Does that sound like you, too?

An article I read the other day said that people tend to do better at reaching their goals when they don't make them public. I wonder if talking about this constantly (well, weekly) is actually getting in the way of my weight-loss success. Maybe I should go underground with the diet. Maybe...

Anyway... in other news... I didn't get any more done on my Spring Spell quilt. The only place I can lay out a quilt to pin in this house is on the floor in the OnlyChild's bedroom and... well... you've seen what that looks like. In the other rooms we have hardwood floors, or the rooms are just too small. I'll have to take it to work and lay it out on the floor of a classroom. This is going to be a really busy week, though, so it may have to wait until next week. Too bad. I really wanted to get it done.
Have a great Monday (if that's possible).


goldenbird said...

I eat when I'm sad, frustrated, bored, scared ... I just never seem to stop. I thought it was any kind of strong emotion that led to eating, but it really doesn't seem to matter what my mood is. I just want food.

I prefer not to talk about my weight-loss attempts with others because then I might rebel against my own declarations about how I am going to eat (if that makes sense). The one thing that seems to work, when I can do it, is give myself permission to binge when the desire comes up, because once it isn't taboo and I am really paying attention to what I am putting in my mouth, I don't want it as much. But if I allow myself to mindlessly eat, I won't stop.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love to eat too, and when it's PMS time, watch out! My problem is sticking to a regular exercise routine...I'm good until something comes up, getting sick etc, the routine is broken and I figure I don't need to go back to it so fast. sigh

I hear ya and if you find a solution that works for you let all of us know, okay???

Pat said...

I was just getting in the "walk-a-day" mode since the weather was getting warmer and now we have gone to many rainy days in a row and also a bit on the chilly side. So.....there goes my walk-a-day plan. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Your not going anywhere Missy!! Your not leaving us.
And I'm thinking about the picking up doggy do and then coming in and puking. Sounds like my kind of diet. lolol and hubby will be happy that I'm picking it up instead of him at 5a.m.

LillySue said...

Thanks for stopping over to visit!! Yeah, I understand the whole eating control thing...The self control is about ziltch for me. I have to do this cleanse to get it under control again. It really does reset your cravings. My budget and my butt could not handle all the Hagen Daz and "all natural" potato chips I have been eating lately!! You go Girl!!

Thimbleanna said...

Huh. Sounds like you're on the same diet that I am. Maybe if enough of us try it, it will work! Love your spring spell quilt!

Barb said...

That is funny because I claim to do WW also...hummmm and recommit each week...hummmmm

PunkiePie said...

It seems like I'm always eating these days. BUT I did go to the gym this afternoon so I'm (hopefully) back on track!