Friday, May 15, 2009

What now...?

The OnlyChild and I had a little falling out this afternoon. She convinced me to take her to the mall (the BIG one) after school and, although I hate the mall, I thought it might be nice. Not so much. First of all, I hate the mall... did I already tell you that? Second, it's the Friday of a long weekend, so it was busy and getting busier each minute we lingered there. Third, the OnlyChild has a bit of a sharp tongue and her mother has little patience for sharp words from her progeny. So, it wasn't so much fun after all. We drove home in stony silence and now she's sulking down in her room.
In order to fill the time, I cleaned the downstairs - dusted, vacuumed, mopped - and then I sat in the porch for a while and thought about doing some course work. But I snapped out of that quickly enough and decided to go upstairs and sew. Hurray!
As small a job as this was, I hadn't yet got around to sewing together the backing of the Spring Spell quilt. I wanted to use up pieces of fabric that I already had but I had to do some piecing. Here's what I did:
Don't mind the wrinkles; it's just strewn across the bed in the spare room.
Mmm...marvellous! I can't wait to get quilting.
BUT. As I mentioned before, I have nowhere to pin a quilt in my little house so I planned on laying it out on a classroom floor at work. BUT. It's a long weekend and now I'll have to wait until Tuesday to do that. Arrrgggghhhh!
WHY didn't I sew the backing last night so I could pin it today after work (which would have averted that whole mall incident)???? WHY? Because last night I was marking so I wouldn't have as much to do this weekend, so I could read my textbooks and start my first paper for the course. And, so I would have some time to sew.
Ahhh... this is starting to sound like an O. Henry story. Sort of.
You know what? I bet I can find something else to sew or quilt if (and that's a big if) I have any free time this loooonnnnggg weekend. Do you think?
Oh, and guess who also wants some of my time?
Ooohhh... I gotta add this:
Elizabeth is having a giveaway over at her blog Pigtails and Snails. Oh my goodness, you should see what she's giving away. I'm tickled "pink". (You'll get it when you go over there.)


Pat said...

I love how you pieced the backing. With the daughter...just keep telling yourself..."This, too, shall pass." I am also pretty sure you can find SOME project to work on that is in some early stage of completion (or not even started yet). But...I'm also pretty sure that creepy coursework will interfere a bit with that plan. *sigh* The pups look SO needy there. They are trying their best to lead us to believe they get NO attention from you....EVER. LOL

Sherri said...

What is it about teenage daughters! Your story has happened several times to me...oh well! said...

Love the quilt fabrics and colors...and story!!!

love, kelee

LillySue said...

I can totally relate to the daughter with a sharp tongue, I got one of my own! When she has a melt-down she expects the world to stop and amend what ever the problem is. She always apologises, usually sooner than later which is nice.....BUT in the middle of her standing there with flames flying out of her ears....UGH! I get so frustrated at her! I take a big breath and remind myself that soon enough she won't be here for me to view said melt downs. Really, most of hers are hormone related. She has some serious "Wicked Witch of the West" PMS. I watch the calendar so I know when to stay out of her way, bless her heart! I hope you have a nice weekend with fun projects and a cheerful daughter!

Isabelle said...

Hope the pair of you are friends again now!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Let me tell you, from myself being a teenage girl not to long ago. My mom was far from my friend. Ya know, I just didn't think of my mom and friend in the same sentence. We had a very rough relationship. However, I'm finding that the older I get, the more my mom was right all those years, and now she's my bff. I adore her to pieces. I know it's a hard time, it will get better. I have a 7 year old and when he gets mad at me, he tells me "I hate you mom". oh my gosh, first I punish him, then I go to my bathroom and cry. I would never let him see me cry. That hurts me so bad.

PunkiePie said...

I am really, really, REALLY liking your pieced back! I will have to save that picture for my own inspiration! Sorry to hear about the OnlyChild issues. I'm not looking forward to those days. Not at all.

goldenbird said...

Hope your weekend got better and the OnlyChild is speaking to you. I can relate to your feelings about the mall-- I dislike them myself. And oh boy I remember those awful years with my mom when I was a teenager. One day she grounded me, and I simply ran right past her out the front door. I was such a brat.

The quilt is looking beautiful.