Monday, March 23, 2009

I've got nothing

I'm on a series of monthly vitamin B12 shots. You'd think that would give me some energy, but I still find myself exhausted at the end of the work day (and sometimes during the day). I'm going to blame in on the weather. It snowed all day yesterday and temps are still below freezing. Hey, Mother Nature, it's supposed to be Spring!

I'm starting to sound like an old lady with my constant weather updates.

I'm doing my weekly Loser Monday update, even though I don't want to share anything this time. I've got nothing. Nope, nothing worth sharing. I think I will have to go back to Weight Watchers when I return from my trip. I just can't seem to do this on my own. When I started this Diet Challenge in January, I fully expected to be down 15 lbs by the end of March. Three months, five lbs a month. It was an achievable goal. Right now, I still have 13 lbs to go. So, my grand total loss after nearly three months is 2 lbs. Yeah yeah, I know two down is better than two up, but it's frustrating. You hear me, right?

I look in the mirror and I do not like what I see. I try on clothes and nothing seems to fit comfortably. I'm tired and I lack motivation. It's kind of a viscious cycle. I know if I could lose the weight I'd have more energy, which would motivate me to lose more or at least keep it off. FATigue indeed!

Believe me, I'm not looking for your sympathy. I don't even want a pep talk. I want the PEP not the talk. Enough talk! I'll make you (and me) a promise. When I get back home from my trip, I will attend a WW meeting and I will continue to blog about my progress every Monday as part of General Geranium's Diet Challenge 2009. But, don't forget - I won't be around for the next two Mondays. Please don't delete me, Sharon. I'm coming back, honest. I'll just be gallivanting around Europe for a couple of weeks and keeping my fingers crossed that I won't weigh even more when I get back.



Pat said...

I have a total lack of energy in recent months, too...and find I need to nap a lot. Maybe weather is getting a lot of us down...and I know the extra weight contributes to fatigue, also. Let's hope we can all do better soon. As long as you don't gallivant into any pastry places in Paris, you may not gain weight.....let's cross our fingers for that!

PunkiePie said...

Oh, have a GREAT time! I'm so jealous!! I wish I was going on vacation.

You're down 2 lbs in 3 months. I'm UP 2. I need to just get in gear. I'm slacking. Terrible.

goldenbird said...

Have you ever seen the movie Enchanted April, about a woman so tired of dreary, gray London that she rents a villa in Italy, and is transformed by the sun and the colorful garden and the view of the sea? Your post reminds me of that movie :-)

Hope you have a great trip.

LillySue said...

Hey there~
I just found your blog. I lost 15 pounds last year. I had to do the Master Cleanse first. You can google it. (check with your Dr.?) I had NO self control and had to just go off food for 5 days (that is how far I made it) to get rid of all the cravings. The first 2 days are hard but you just keep drinking the lemonade and by day 3 you start to feel pretty good. It will detox your system and shrink your stomach. It totally worked. Afterward I was very determinded not to put ANYTHING unhealthy in my body since it was now all clean! My Sister just did it for 10 days...I don't know how she did it for that long but she said she felt great. It is nice because you just get the recipe offline and make it don't have to order from somewhere! (like they always say...check with your Dr. first) I decided to give up Beef and Bread for a while to see how I felt after that since I had detoxed. I Just told myself it was poison and I would die if I ate it, heehee. Now you couldn't force feed me a donut. After being off the beef for about 2 months, I tried some and it didn't taste all that great and gave me a tummy ache. Haven't felt the urge to eat beef since. The bready stuff was a little harder. I LOVE biscuits!! Just not eating the baked stuff reduced my sugar intake plus I had given up all candy except what was real food (nuts, chocolate, natural caramel) and when I try to eat pastry stuff, I feel sick so I have no desire to eat anything sweeter than an ocassional scone or biscuit. I stay away from bagels because I would want them EVERY DAY. It is amazing how our bodies really crave sweets but actually want/need natural sugars such as apples, bananas or raisins because You get all the phyto nutrients that you need for energy and your immune system when you eat only what God gave us to fuel our bodies. My sister hated raisins and ate massive quantities of M&Ms. After she quit the bad stuff, she says raisins taste amazing now and she loves them, heehe! With bread/sandwiches.. I just always do it as a salad with my chicken, tuna, turkey instead of on a sandwich. It is SOOoooooo much healthier for you and actually tastes better. I do eat tons of nuts, fruit, dried fruit, etc...I do need to step up my leafy greens intake this year. Dark chocolate is my treat. You also should have your thyroid checked if you are tired and have no energy. I have to take tyroid replacement. Anyhoo.....I just know I felt like you are a couple of years ago and KNEW I had to make some changes!! If you give your body the fuel it needs to run right and don't put anything in it, it will have to detox...You will be full of energy!! Just remember before you put something in your mouth...will this fuel my body or will my body have to work to process it out as a toxin.
Blessings- LillySue
P.S. Sorry if this was too much info....I feel SO much better, I get just a little too excited!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Rachel -- have a FABULOUS trip!!! Are you going near Grindlewald in Switzerland? It's SOOOO gorgeous there. Can't wait for your trip report when you get home!!!

andsewon said...

I am so looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return!!! Go have a super time!! I think this long winter has really got to us all, even us a bit south of you..;-)Sun and warmth will help us energize or not...naps in the warm sunshine sound good too.
Wishing you safe travels!!

Barb said...

YOu made me even more tired than I am....I hope you have an awesome time on your trip, you will be missed.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I could never delete you. Even if you DO get to go to Europe. No I'm not jealous at all. Ok yes I am.
Hang in there and when you get back, it's a new day to start.