Monday, March 09, 2009

Lost and Found

Hey all you Losers out there! If you lost weight this week, I may know where it's hiding. Do you want it back? @#$&*! I gave up SWEETS and I think my body is punishing me! Someone at work suggested that I may be overcompensating for giving up what I love by eating more of other foods. There may be some truth in that. But, honestly, you'd think I would be rewarded just a tiny little bit for my dedication. Sigh. I am sitting at the SAME number this week, leaving me with still 14 lbs to lose. When will this madness end? Maybe I'm supposed to remain a chubby little thing. Maybe I need to try harder? I don't know.
So, a new week, a new resolve. I feel like crap this morning and I wish I could just take the day off. But it's a well-known fact among teachers that it's easier to go into work than to call in sick.

I'm posting a couple of pictures from the homefront to show you what March looks like here. The first photo was taken out the bedroom window (yes, through the glass - it was minus 20 degrees celsius yesterday and is even colder this morning - and dark, stupid daylight savings time).

And this is a picture of the back yard. So now you know... while you're talking about jonquils and leafing through seed catalogues, we're still bundled under blankets, using the seat warmers in the car, and wearing layer upon layer of clothing when we venture out of the house.

I finished my scarf and sewed on some lace and buttons. But I wasn't sure I liked it. I like the idea, but for me this is a bit overdone. I considered taking my stitch-ripper to it and making it naked again because I probably wouldn't wear it like this. Knowing me, I'd smack myself right in the eye with one of the buttons or get my hair all tangled in them. But then the OnlyChild came into my sewing room and saw it sitting on the cutting table. She ooohed and aahed over it, so I gave it to her. I'll make another one for me and forgo the fancy accessories.

And a Saturday morning project to show you. I just love those Pink Penguin baskets, so I made one to take to the wedding shower/staggette party I went to this weekend. The bride-to-be loved it (and the goodies tucked inside).

And speaking of that party... it was a blast! All of us in our fanciest pajamas - we went bowling and out to dinner and rode around in a limosine (dancing in the back). Then we went to the hostess's house for chocolate fondue (no, I didn't have one single bite!) and chick flicks. I dragged my tired butt home at 2 o'clock in the morning (3 o'clock, if you count Spring Forward). I can't remember the last time I stayed out that late or had that much fun! I don't have any pictures because (duh) I forgot to take my camera, but there were plenty of photos snapped and I'm sure someone will email me a few. I'll post when I get some, I promise, then you can laugh at my silliness.

The hostess, SIL-to-be of the bride-to-be, is a very clever girl. Just look at our party favours!

Everyone got to pick a pair of slippers. Of course I went straight for the pair with chocolates on them. If I can't eat it, I can still look at it, right?

Talk to you later!


Sew Many Ways... said...

Glad you had a great time this weekend. Love the slippers. Sorry you still have so much snow and freezing temps. Spring is around the corner. Love the scarf too!

PunkiePie said...

*smacking forehead*! I NEED to make one of those Pink Penguin baskets!!! Yours are too cute! I keep forgetting all about it. I have the fabric for it and everything! I even STARTED one but stopped for whatever reason and never went back to it. That's IT. I am going to work on one and I'm going to have it done by the end of this month! Are your block sizes the same as what Pink Penguin states in her instructions?

Okay, I'll quit complaining about the lack of Spring weather here. With our warm temps and rain... our snow is gone. Thankfully!

Good for you to stay away from the sweets. I couldn't do it. And LOVE the slippers!

Wow. That's a long comment!

Pat said...

I love the basket you made but am NOT crazy about the don't send any of it here, okay? Those slippers are a RIOT! I feel bad that you tried so hard this week to eliminate all the C stuff (chocolate, cake, etc.) but yet you gained weight. Something seems quite unfair about that, doesn't it??? *sigh*

goldenbird said...

The basket is so cute! I really like it and wish I had the skills to make one.

Sorry you didn't lose any weight, but maybe you did and it isn't showing up on the scale because it converted to muscle! I read about that somewhere ... maybe Oprah magazine?

The scarf is adorable. Hope your daughter enjoys it.

Thimbleanna said...

Awww hard to be out partying and have to skip the chocolate! If you're that close to your goal weight, you should go to the Happy Weight Calculator and it will probably tell you that you don't have that much to lose LOL!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Ilove those slippers!! I've got some too. At least we can walk in cupcakes, just not eat them.
Maybe with all that snow your still keeping on the winter weight for warmth. Just sayin. You gotta keep warm right?? Hang in there spring is coming.
By the way..........I LOVE THAT SCARF!!! And that cartoon is hysterical.

Cheryl said...

Great cartoon and how true!!!! Don't be down about the weight thing. We all go through that and it can make you crazy, but it will come off. Your scarf is so pretty!

Jenessa said...

goodness you had a lot going on. i'm sorry you weren't feeling so well and i hope you're feeling better now. maybe your body is adjusting to no sweets and you'll see results next monday? if you are over compensating though at least you'll be paying more attention to that now - right? of course. gorgeous scarf, cute basket, and what a great prize with the slippers!