Thursday, April 30, 2009

I do NOT love to cook

It's a well-known fact that I do NOT love to cook. I don't hate it, but there are a thousand things I'd rather do than slave over a hot stove... especially when I don't know what to cook. But yesterday, I had a little break at work and I decided to check out a few blogs on my list. (Contrary to the impression you might have got from the last couple of days, I don't do this often at work.) I browsed down to Makin' Projiks and Sarah had posted recipes for what she calls "Throw-Together Meals" but what would be considered haute cuisine in my house. I was inspired to make her easy Greek Pasta dish.

I made a couple of substitutions: I already had pesto at home so I used that in place of the Greek salad dressing, and instead of the tubular pasta, I used the Italian Monument Pasta that I bought in Pisa. Have a look:

Can you see San Pietro? Italy? A gondola? The Leaning Tower of Pisa? The Duomo di Milano? and the Coliseum? Okay, maybe not, but you can see the goodness of all that cucumber, red onion, red pepper, and chickpeas. Oh, it was delicious (if I do say so myself) and there's plenty left over for lunch today. I served it with that old favourite, Cornflake chicken.

And do you spy the loaf of banana bread in the background on the right? Mmmmm... one for work, one for home. These people are getting spoiled.

I can still taste it ~ literally. That's kind of the problem with onions and garlic... Go on over and say hello to Sarah. She has other recipes posted, too. You'll love her!

In other news, while Callie (the stove) was taking all my attention, poor Bernice was being neglected up in the sewing room. No progress on my new little spring quilt because last night was a gym night and between that and all the cooking, whew, I just ran out of time. Tonight is dance class, so nothing will be done this evening, either. Ahhh... the weekend is coming! Can't wait. I get so excited when I have a new project. Don't you?

Other things to look forward to:
  • Today is payday. I had to pay my course tuition yesterday so there's no extra this month, but still...
  • The OnlyChild and I are going to see a production of the Wizard of Oz on Saturday night.
  • It's supposed to get up to 19 ºC, which is 66.2 ºF, this weekend. That is a BIG DEAL for us!
  • I'm getting a pedicure today. One of my students is doing it at school on my prep because she needs to do one more for her cosmetology class. What a great way to spend a prep!
  • Two months until summer vacation.

Yeah, life is good!


andsewon said...

Looks yummy and cute with all those different shapes of pastas!!
When I do a salad like this sometimes I add my chix too it... grilled or just stir fried in my small wok.

Yes cool way to spend a prep for sure!!!

Pat said...

LOVE those cutie pasta shapes you got in Italy. I like to cook, but....I have just gotten so tired of thinking WHAT to cook after over 40 years of doing I have given myself permission only to cook when I feel like it now. If DH wants a cooked meal every night, he needs to learn to do more cooking. He's retired and has no reason NOT to do it and I surely have done it enough (and worked at the same time). Works just fine THIS way for me now!!! (Of course, I don't care if I eat just a bowl of cereal for not cooking doesn't bother ME at all.)

PunkiePie said...

Am I a dodo? What is cornflake chicken?! Looks really good!

goldenbird said...

Yum, that Greek pasta looks and sounds delicious! I want to try that. Love the Italian Monument pasta. Thanks for the tip about Sarah's blog, I am going to check it out.

Enjoy your pedicure! That is one of my favorite ways of treating myself. I love the foot massage.

LillySue said...

Wow~ tasty and fun to look at too! Unfortunatly I don't like to cook much anymore either. We are four totally different eaters at our house. I got so tired of never making a meal everyone liked. (Except for roast chicken or turkey...everyone is happy) It had a very negative effect on my desire to cook. Now, baking...thats another thing. I love to bake and everyone is happy when I do!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Life IS good. (And thanks for your words of encouragement today!)


Barb said...

You make me hungry....and you and your list must be one organized person.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, here's something I didn't think I'd ever say -- That pasta salad is so CUTE!!! Looks like you'll have a busy weekend coming up -- busy is good!