Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the fetal position

That was me yesterday. I woke up with a blinding migraine and felt sick to my stomach. But I got up, crawled to the shower, made tea and oatmeal, and then the cold sweats hit me and I said to myself, "This is ridiculous. You can't possibly go to work today." I called in a sub and stayed home.


For me it is, anyway. I usually play the martyr and go into work with the headache, blink hard when the kids are loud, and just scrape through the day. Every teacher knows that's just easier than calling someone to come in for you. But I'm so glad I stayed home yesterday. There's just no way I would have made it to the end of the day. I spent half the morning curled up on the couch with the dogs, and the other half dragging myself to the bathroom (no details needed there). During the afternoon, Abby and Derby had had enough of napping and wanted to play. No can do, doggies. They had to satisfy themselves with barking at the window at every living thing outside. Oh my poor noggin!
And the sad thing is, it was a gorgeous day outside. The temperature hit +23ºC (for my friends south of the 49th parallel, that's 73.4 ºF) but I didn't get the chance to enjoy it. That sun was just too bright for my fragile little head!
Today, folks, it might have hit 7 ºC (44.6 ºF) and, believe it or not, it snowed for a little bit tonight. Ugh! We're in for a couple more days of cold and then, fingers crossed, it will warm up.
So, to recap, this is what you're probably seeing out your window:

And this is what I'm seeing:

(just kidding ~ but a year ago this week, we did have a snow storm!)

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better now, thanks for asking. I did go in to work and it was fine, but my poor stomach isn't quite back to its hearty self yet. My trip to the gym tonight was a waste because I really wasn't up to working out. The OnlyChild enjoyed it, though. She was all perky. Damn kid.

Hopefully, I'll have a more interesting post in the next couple of days ~ no weather or health updates. Maybe sewing...? More photos...?

Lalala... just waiting for my pictures to upload to this post, then I'm off to bed! G'night.


Stacy said...

Yuck, migraines are the worst. Glad to read you took care of yourself by staying home. Also glad you're feeling better.

The picture of the tulips and the snow cracked me up. Sounds like you're just getting a tease of spring here and there.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, hopefully you'll be much better by the weekend. And that goes for your weather too!

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better and your weather is changing too. We've been on vacation, so I'm trying to catch up on emails. I love all your posts from your trip...just beautiful. I need to go back and read some of the post that I missed while I was away.
Feel better,

Days and colors said...

Migraines are terrible... I hope by now you are feeling better, my best wishes.

Pat said...

Glad you are feeling better and I hope you get nice weather soon so you can get out and enjoy it, too.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Happy to hear you took time for yourself to rest since you were/are feeling poorly. Hate to say it but we may get into the 90s this weekend. WOOHOO! Love to have a taste of summer in April. I will be running errands all weekend so I'll have to enjoy it in between running around.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!

Thanks for stopping by the Katillac Shack! And sharing about BOTH your pets!:):):)

love, kelee

andsewon said...

Hey gal..hope you are doing better. Sunshine and warm temps has to reach you all soon..just has too!

Sara said...

Good for you taking time for yourself. It isn't worth it to try and go to work when you are sick or not feeling well...

Hope you will be all bright and cheery and totally better quickly.

Regena@QuiltnQuiltthings said...

glad you made it through your head ach. I get bad ones too. And it's a pain.
I think we're already for the sunshine to stay around for a while.
Hope you have a great day.