Monday, April 13, 2009

Uh Oh! Loser Monday

I actually forgot it was Loser Monday today, because it's a holiday. Then I visited Jen and she reminded me. My first reaction was, "Oh crap!" And that was my second and third reaction, too. Remember my goal to give up sweets and Facebook for Lent? Well, I did great with the Facebook and I didn't miss it one little bit. But the sweets... let's just say that the trip ruined it for me. I mean, Italian gelato, Swiss chocolate, French pain au chocolat and croissants. What's a girl to do?

I haven't stepped on the scale today. Like I said, I forgot all about it and I've already eaten breakfast and drank two cups of coffee. I can pretty much guarantee that my weight is UP, rather than down! Is that enough information, Sharon?

Before I left, I promised that I would go back to Weight Watchers and I fully plan to. I used to attend meetings on Tuesday nights so I might do that tomorrow. My other option is to go Fridays at lunch. I'll have to check my schedule at school and see if I can fit it in. Fridays are weird days for us at school as the students are done at 12:50, but we have to stay for the whole day. I have a prep somewhere in there, but I can't remember when it is. Duh.

For Easter, Mr. P bought me a "Bag of Bunnies" ~ tiny little dark chocolate bunnies. I was chomping on those yesterday but I didn't eat them all. Oh no I didn't! There was still half a bag left on the counter when I went to bed last night. This morning... GONE! Where have all my bunnies gone? Yeah, I know... the OnlyChild had a friend stay overnight. Those cute little bunnies are in the bellies of two greedy teenaged girls. I'm half annoyed and half relieved. You know what I mean? Note to self: NEVER leave chocolate unattended in this house.

If you need an appetite suppressant, I'll tell you what I just spied outside my sewing room window (which looks out over the back yard and alley). A crow pecking at another crow. I feel a little sick now. Crows are awful, mean birds. Now there's one dead and the other flew away. I'll just have to picture that little scene if I feel like gnoshing later in the day. Ugh!

This is the last day of the holiday. I've slept, cleaned, sewed, exercised, eaten, scrapbooked, made a mess, watched a movie, read a bit... but mostly I've just putzed around wasting time. It's been glorious. Tomorrow I have to go back to work. My student teacher has just two weeks left with me, then she moves onto bigger and better things and I move back to teaching my own classes and doing all my own marking. Sigh. It's gonna be tough! So ~ here's to Holiday Monday and getting the most out of it!

Have a great one


PunkiePie said...

That's gotta be tough. No more student teacher. BOOOO! And with the no sweets during Lent... I would have done the same thing. The chocolate is SO MUCH BETTER in Europe. You are forgiven. LOL.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You are in big trouble missy. Along with a whole lot of others. Including ME!! lolol That darn chocolate!

Pat said...

Now...I am not part of this big diet challenge, but surely I think Red Geranium Cottage should have granted a "reprieve" from weighing in on the day after Easter!!! (But at least SHE cheated and at lots of chocoate, too!!!)

Pat said...

OOPS...meant to say...she ATE lots of CHOCOLATE......fingers going faster than my mind again.