Friday, April 17, 2009

Other people have lives...

...but not me. I'm home on a Friday night, doing work. You know, work that should be done at work, but there's never enough time to do it. So, I'm reading this:

It's the new grade 12 social studies textbook. Hot off the presses... it arrived yesterday and I have until the end of the school year to write all the learning materials for the course that is to begin in August. Oh hurray!

So, I've got one learning guide written. I cheated ~ I had an "advance" of chapter 1 of the book so I managed to get most of the first guide done a while ago. Only 9 to go... plus 4 tests (x2 versions of each), plus a final exam. Yeah, I'm thrilled.

AND... I will be starting a course for my MEd degree this week. (Remember I blogged about that here in my very first post and here?) My textbooks are in and just need to be picked up from the courier and then I can start. Well, I need to pay my tuition first. It's very expensive. sigh. I hope it's worth it. Between school work and homework, I will have NO free time from now until eternity.
So, I thought I'd be a good girl and get some of the school stuff out of the way. I'll pick up the books for my course tomorrow and start the reading for that. I'll try very hard to stay off the computer when I should be reading, studying, writing papers, marking my own students' work, writing learning guides. I'm a teacher and a student now. Oh well, Mr. P is downstairs watching his beloved Philadelphia Flyers play Pittsburgh; the OnlyChild is mad at me because I actually expect her to ~ gasp!~ do school work at school (how unreasonable). I've got nothing better to do...
Except I do have better things to do than work on a Friday night. I do! I have BOMs to finish, skirts to sew, skiers to applique (yes, I still haven't finished that project). I have a sewing room badly in need of a clean and Spring clothes to return to my closet.
But that's okay. I need to feel productive right now and I'm actually quite good at writing these materials (my boss told me so ☺). I'll plod along.
At least I have this: my dance class started up again last night. It felt so good to get back in the "groove". There were only a few ladies there ~ people have other activities going on this time of year ~ but I really hope more commit to taking the 8-week session or it might be cancelled. That would be awful!
This picture was taken just over a year ago (end of last March) when I performed in a show. I made this costume myself but I've only worn it once because as soon as I did that performance I felt the need to buy a "real" costume with all the coins and beads and jangles... and that fancy bra! Scandalous!
So, what are you doing this weekend? Hopefully more exciting things than I have planned!

Edited to add: I finished (nearly) another learning guide! Now I'm off to the gym - even though it's kind of late (8:24 pm). I might as well use the energy I have.


LillySue said...

OH~MY~GOSH....You take belly dancing?!! My daughter and I took a class a couple of years ago and I LOVED it!! I was so tempted to get my belly button pierced, heehe! (You know that would be Sooo attractive on a 45 year old Mama) Hey, why not...I still may! I have been hitting the would be like a little tiara for my washboard abs. (which I am still trying to attain!). You Go Girl!!
P.S. I bought the wrap skirt thingy with all the jangley coins...I need the fancy hootchy bra now!

Kaye said...

Rachel, I am tired for you. You sure have a lot going, but do it now. You seem to have a lot of energy. What grade do you teach? I bet your students love you. I used to be a lot like you, always busy, always doing but my get up and go, got up and left.. oops the beginning of the blog says Grade 12, a great age, just getting ready for college and hopefully tamed down a little LOL

Pat said...

HAHAH.....had to laugh that Kaye thinks YOU are in Grade 12...guess she is rather new to your blog!!! :) Anyway.....I love the photo from last year of your dancing look SO cute!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, you have my sympathy! Man, you sure have a lot to do. I don't think I could do all that reading and planning with my sewing machine screaming at me from the dungeon. Good Luck!

Sara said...

Love, love, love the fact that you take belly dancing! It is supposed to be very good for you.

Sounds like a lot of work to get those guides written - but, you seem to do rather well - I was looking at the one you wrote - and I guess I'm sort of glad I don't go to school anymore!

There are always quilting and knitting projects here to do - somehow we manage to sneak them in between all the work...

PunkiePie said...

You do have a full plate! I hope you get some sewing in and KUDOS for hitting the gym. I haven't been there all month. And I can tell. Monday is going to be a sad day... LOL.

Anonymous said...


goldenbird said...

That picture of you in your costume is SO cute! The dance class sounds fun. I've heard belly dancing is great exercise, but have never had the courage to try it. I miss dancing, tho.

Congrats on going back to finish your Master's. I hope you will still have time to blog.