Friday, April 24, 2009

To Do, To Do

I'm making my TO-DO list for the weekend:

Walk a dog. I think it's Abby's turn, since Derby went last. But Derby is much better on the leash. Abby pulls and almost rips out my arm for the first ten minutes. She usually calms down after that, but those first few minutes are uncomfortable to say the least. Derby also needs more exercise, since he's kinda chubby after a long winter of snacking and napping.

School work ~ crank out another learning guide.

Go to the market with my friend, Anne. Maybe I'll find some good fresh veggies that I just can't live without. Maybe I'll find a little plant or two for my terrarium. In any case, it will be good to get out for the morning and visit with a friend. I spend far too much time by myself at home. Or at least it seems like I'm by myself, with Mr. P glued to the TV and the OnlyChild either glued to the computer or hiding in her dungeon bedroom.
Make my Spring skirt. I've cut it out and it's ready to sew. But wouldn't you know it, the first step is to put in the zipper. I hate putting in zippers. That's almost enough to make me not want to start. Sigh.

Go to the gym. I plan to go tonight; in fact, I'll go in about half an hour. Sunday is another good gym day. This is totally what I look like on the treadmill (minus the blonde hair and the lithe figure and the tan and... Oh who am I kidding, you've seen pictures of me).

Have some fun! It doesn't necessarily have to include wine, but... you know... it wouldn't hurt either.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Pat said...'s the way to think about that zipper....if you do it FIRST, then the worst part of the skirt-making is out of the way, right? As for that study guide, I clicked on the photo to enlarge that page (former teacher that I am) and nearly puked (sorry for the blunt word here) when I saw that inquiry question......UGH.......not my idea of fun to make a study guide for THAT!!! (And I'd have to do a lot of studying to remind myself of the answer to that question as that kind of info has long been pushed out of my brain!!! LOL)

Sara said...

Have fun at the gym...I actually got some walking in today and it felt so good!!!

Jeanneoli said...

Have a great weekend. Have a blast at the flea market. I am so excited because ours starts next weekend. I have revolved my whole weekend around it...I have notified friends...I have the cash ready...I may even call ahead Starbucks so they are ready with my coffee in a you think that is too much???

Barb said...

I take it your headache is is back to normal? What ever normal is.

You have a long list of things to do this must be a list person. I hope you do have some fun and finish all on your list.

PunkiePie said...

Sounds like your weekend is all planned out. Enjoy it! I plan on doing some weeding and mulching in the gardens tomorrow.