Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love Hallowe'en. I think it's so much fun to dress up as somebody (or something) else for one day out of the year.

Derby and Abby don't agree.

I made this little clown costume for Abby when she was just a pup, so 9 years ago. At the time, she let me put it on her just long enough to take a few photos. Nothing's changed. When the OnlyChild dressed her up in the same costume for pictures this year, she barely tolerated it.
We'd never take the dogs out in public dressed like this - we wouldn't want to embarrass them - but putting a hat on them is cute for photos... I don't know why they hate dressing up so much.
Like I said, I love it!

I made this costume for Hallowe'en four years ago and this is the first year since then that I've been able to do it up. It fit quite nicely, although it's definitely not the most comfortable outfit. I put the headpiece together in about 30 minutes the other night, since that was all the time I had. It's not great, but it served the purpose.
Can you guess who I'm supposed to be? Want some hints?
  • Wife of a king
  • Died in 1536
  • Beheaded by sword by a French executioner
  • Rumoured to be a witch and an adultress

Do you dress up for Hallowe'en?


Kathleen said...

I know, I know, Anne Boleyn, am I right?? Have a great Halloween!!!

goldenbird said...

Gosh, I'm not sure who you are. Did you wear that to school yesterday? Must have been fun. I like your Halloween spirit! I never dress up but I love to hand out candy (and eat the leftovers). Hope you are having a happy Halloween.

Pat said...

Your costume is BEAUTIFUL!!! As for the dogs, we are lucky if we can get even a hat on Pepi long enough for a your two are not alone in their thinking.

Dogwood said...

Your doggie sound just like my kitty cat about dressing up. I had to take the photos of Rocky really fast before he scrummed out of his hat and tie.

I never dress up but I do eat the candy.

My history is so bad even with those hints I am still stumped.
But I will take a stab at it~

*You are dressed as Anne Boleyn of
*2nd wife of King Henry Viii
*Mom to Elizabeth I
*No male kids
*Developed alliance with France
*Anne's ghost has been sighted at Hever Castle
*She may of had six fingers on her right hand, how did I do?

Have a fun weekend.

Sara said...

I am guessing Anne Boleyn...she is the only one that comes to mind...

Love the outfit - the fabric is really pretty...

I do not dress up for Halloween...I used to when I worked places that asked us to...

julia said...

You make a beautiful Anne. I loved that book.
I don't really like being uncomfortable, but if I can come up with a comfy something I don't mind dressing up.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I wanted to dress Mia and Max as a Woolly Worm and a Mountain Diva...but...the guys would not let me.....Bah!Humbug!!