Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Melting

Well, not really. It is melting outside though. Temperatures went above freezing today so all that dratted snow is slowly sinking into the not-yet-frozen ground. And better news... it's supposed to go up to 16 celsius this weekend (that's about 61 fahrenheit). It will be like Spring here! I think we're doing our seasons in one-week stints this year, so by next week it will be up in the high 20s (80s) and I'll be wearing a bikini.... yeah, right.

Anyway, the wheels keep turning, time keeps slipping away. I'm running as fast as I can but I can't seem to catch up. All that work I did last weekend seems to have been for nothing because I'm behind again.

Deep breath... I'm off to dance class; the rest can wait!


Sew Many Ways... said...

If it makes you feel any better, it's freezing here too. It's cold and raining and in the northern part of Rhode Island it snowed!! A little too early for me. If you keep warm thoughts, it doesn't matter the temps outside.
Take care,

Pat said...

We had nasty downpours a good part of today and very high winds were predicted. Since we had that tree come down on our house in July during high winds, I am very frightened now when high wind is predicted. So far, the winds haven't been as high as they said...and I hope it stays that way. another week when you are having summer and in your bikini, be sure to take a picture and post it here for us, okay??? hehehe

Thimbleanna said...

At least you still are able to go to dance class -- hang in there! Oh, and glad to hear warm weather is on the way -- we're freezing here!

Barb said...

Yes, take time for yourself!!

PunkiePie said...

Hope you enjoyed dance class and enjoy the warm(er) weather! We're freezing over here! I need to get over it, I know but I like to hear myself complain. :)

Have a good weekend!

Sara said...

They had snow south of me - and it missed me...YES! I do love snow - but, I don't really want to see it before Thanksgiving - and I prefer Christmas...

Oh, I am always behind! It's getting to be a way of life now.

Hope dance class was fun!!!

andsewon said...

We are cold damp and I am ready for it to be Fall again not Winter!
Enjoy your summer...again...;-)
I am so far behind on stuff I feel like I am ahead! All I do is begin a new list.. Hahahaha!
Hope dancing was fun!
We need to see you in your harem outfit...;-)

Dogwood said...

It is beautiful here in San Francisco CA. But...rain is coming on Monday.