Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Things that make me want to smack someone upside the head

Let's get real. While there are lots of things that make me feel lucky to be alive, there are probably twice as many that make me want to get violent. And since I'm feeling rather violent (but not dangerously so; you don't need to duck) right now, I'll share:
  1. Children (well, one in particular) who doesn't go to school on time, doesn't call when she's coming home late and seems to do nothing but sleep and play on the computer. Oh, and ask for money. Get a job!
Gee... do I really need to continue...?

Let's start again.
  1. A knapsack left in the middle of the front foyer.
  2. Dirty dishes in the sink (when the dishwasher is empty).
  3. People who hurt animals (but not people who hurt children 'cause, you know - see above ... just kidding).
  4. Baaaad drivers.
  5. People who don't play by the rules.
  6. People who don't return important emails and/or phone calls.
  7. Too much marking.
  8. Realizing that, even though this semester will be much easier than last, I still have more students/classes than any of my colleagues in the department (which will, inevitably, lead to #7 above).
  9. Students who skip my seminars and then give me a lame excuse. I was not born yesterday (obviously, duh).
  10. People who say teachers only work from 8:30-3:30 and get all those vacations. Ha! You all know better.
  11. Childish name-calling and swearing. I swear like a sailor, but Time And Place, people. Time And Place. (If you don't already know, that means sometimes it's just not appropriate - like in school, or in a restaurant, or at the hockey game, or in public generally. The right time and place for swearing like a sailor, in my opinion, is in the car on the way to/from work. See #4 above.)
  12. Not having time to visit and/or comment on my favourite blogs. I'm here, friends. Honest.
  13. An unfinished project with no guarantee I'll get to it in the near future.
  14. Slow mail.
  15. No mail.
  16. People who stink up the bathroom and then pretend it wasn't them.
  17. Thinking it's Friday when it's only Wednesday.
  18. Not enough sleep.
And on that note... I'm off to bed.

But I'll leave you with a happy picture thought to try and erase (or balance) the nonsense above.

Taken at Orwell Historic Village, Orwell Corner, Prince Edward Island
Summer 2008


Missy said...

I can agree with you , on pretty much everything on your list ! Well , except for the teaching related things , because I'm not a teacher !


goldenbird said...

If I wrote a list, it would be similar to yours. The swearing thing really bugs me, too. I've noticed teenagers have no problem using the F-word in public around adults ... it bugs me. That was taboo when I was a kid. I swear too, but mostly in the privacy of my home or car.

tango's trash & treasures said...


Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- you're so funny!!! Thanks for the laugh. Also, I'd like to add an amendment to #11 -- it's entirely appropriate to swear in the sewing room or kitchen when whatever you're working on isn't going well!

Pat said...

I agree with your list and also with Thimbleanna's addition to it!

julia said...

I agree with most of your things on your list, but number 10 is the one that would definitely be on my list if I was making one. It feels good to put these things in writing doesn't it!!

Kaye said...

hooray for you, great list!diallg

PunkiePie said...

YOU?! Swear like a sailor?? I can't picture it! And this one...

"People who stink up the bathroom and then pretend it wasn't them"

Made me LAUGH out loud because I work with plenty women who do that!

Janean said...

awwwww....gentle hugs.

wait! people who find it easier to ask someone (me) questions instead of looking it up or looking FOR it themselves.

Uhmph! *wink*

Dogwood said...

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs. I taught for about six years and found it very challenging! Oh, yea and teenagers are the toughest!

So, now another day...

Hugs to you...


Hi Rachel,
I was laughing...when I read the title of your post...and then the list!!!
I hope we can see pics from your birthday party soon..
Tomorrow will be a better day.
I think your ATC's are great and can't wait to get mine.
Deb :)

Sara said...

Hugs - and I totally understand...

And, I love the photo...what a cutie...

Patty said...

I too swear like a sailor but try not to in public. I know you had a rough day but the spin you put on it cracks me up. Breathe... :^)

Pokey said...

Well, your list left me with a *smile* !! Have a great night's sleep, because it is FRIDAY tomorrow!
(insert Snoopy doing his happy dance!)

Lynn Wheeler said...

Ahhhh....venting can be wonderful! Let it all out.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

again, love your list.......I'm afraid mine would be way to long